Monday, April 06, 2009


I never said I wasn't a total baby sometimes.

Now, one of the things I love about my apartment is that in general I feel totally safe in it. I'm on the top floor, the front and back doors of the building are hardcore and always locked. The doors to my actual apartment are hardcore to. This affords me the luxury of not thinking at any given moment that a murderer is going to break in (Unless I take a shower immediately after watching a horror film but that is a story that has already been told).

So, this past Saturday Adam and I went to my parents' house to have dinner with my brother, do some laundry, hang out (my parents are currently on a month long vacation in Florida). We were up pretty late hanging out, drinking wine, etc so Adam and I decided to stay over. Fine. We went to bed around 1AM. Around that time the dog started crazily barking and I heard a car loudly idling out front. I got out of bed and peeked through the blinds out the window; a beatup white pickup truck was idling out front of the house with it's lights off.


I watched for a few moments and then woke Adam up "There are some weirdos out front". Adam mumbled something like "so what?" and seemed unconcerned.. I continued my vigilance at the window and soon two guys got out of the car and began rooting around in the bed of their truck, presumably to grab their shotguns and lay siege to the house.

I should mention at this point that Adam and I stayed up until 3AM the night before watching Saw III and Saw IV.


The two youths grabbed a big box and started walking into the yard, towards the backyard. At this point I ran over to my brothers' room and knocked on his door "I think your friends are here??" Peter, who had been asleep, stumbled out of his room like mumbling something like what would my friends be doing here at this hour and looked out the window at the truck and announced he had no idea who those guys were.

"OMG it's probably guys coming to hold us as gunpoint and rob the house"
"Are you serious? Have you seen Mom and Pop's TV? That thing is like 20 years old who would want it?". Peter replied.

Though he had a point, I was not assuaged. After confirming that my brother had locked all the doors before he went to bed, I was like "Someone has to go out back and see what those guys are doing here".

Adam, who was still not at all concerned, suggested that if I was that worried I should call the cops. Ehh I didn't really want to do that...cops at my parents house late at night? Shades of the 1997-1998 Braintree party scene. I don't need any of that.

So Peter, a very good investigator, goes downstairs and returns a minute later. It turned out the Dolans house, who live two houses from my parents and who have two teenaged kids, was all lit up. Every light in the house on. Kids hanging out on the porch. Driveway full of cars.

Shades of 1998 indeed!

Surmising that that truck's occupants were late party attenders who had cut through the yard to get to the Dolan's, and not teenaged murderers laying wait on the back porch. I was thoroughly calmed down enough to return to bed.

The next morning, I was letting the dog out and noticed that same pick up truck was parked in front of the house.

"WTF?" I said to my brother.

Peter, not up on the Internet lingo asked "White Trash Forever?"



Andy said...

<3 Peter. White Trash Forever!!!

Sparky said...

Dude, if you had seen The Strangers, you would have fainted, you'd be so scared of an idling truck with no lights on. Of course, if you have seen it and you didn't even remember it, then I'm the baby (I did have a panic attack in the theater while watching it.) And if you haven't seen it, DON'T. Seriously.

Kimba said...

I'm with you, that would have been scary!!!!

WTF, yep, that will never be the same to me!

Sarah said...

Sparky I havent seen it because the previews scared the S out of me!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed an older post of your was about wine, and I recently discovered a wonderful chilean wine called Cassilo Di Diablo (the devils cellar) it is a chilean carminier and tastes sooo good. I live in Quincy too, and you can buy it at Old Colony Liquor across from CVS on southern artery. It is a wine I would have never picked up, but the rep was there and I tried it and loved it! The name is because many years ago a man found grapes in a cellar and did not want anyone to steal them so he told them the devil lived in the cellar to keep them out! Anyway, try it, great wine!!!