Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

Oh look at me. The prodigal Blogger returns.

Work has been totally stressing me out lately and since I dont want to burdern you guys, as I burden my friends in real life, by constantly talking about work, there you have my lame explanation of my sporadic blogging as of late. Things are looking up though. And my attitude is MUCH improved.


Yesterday was my first day off, kicking off a spring/summer of 4 day work weeks. I celebrated by getting tipsy on lemon-ginger martinis with Adam, Andy and Danielle on Wednesday night and waking up at the luxurious hour of 8AM on Thursday, ready to enjoy my day off. I putzed around the apartment for a while, catching up on some DVRd goodies and drinking coffee. Then I head out in the late morning. First stop, Barnes and Nobles. I had forgotten how much fun book shopping is. Especially when it's buy 2 get 1 free! Who can pass up that bargain? So I ended up with:

The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler - for book club
My Life in France by Julia Child, - because I love France and I love Julia.
The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir - because so many of you have beseeched me to read Alison Weir, knowing my obsession with all things Tudor

So that was quite a fruitful trip. Then it was off to Glow for my first mist on tanning session of the season. They're 20% off this month so if you are local and sick of being pale, definitely check them out. Being "tan" does wonders for one's state of mind.

Next up? Food shopping. Holy moly food shopping in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday is something of a luxury. I usually go after work on Wednesday so I felt incredibly spoiled NOT having to wait at the deli counter, being able to maneuver my shopping cart up and down aisles without feeling like I'm in gridlocked traffic, no lines at the checkout counters. Mon Dieu!

As I mentioned before I have been reading my mom's old cookbooks and in one of my faves, the author talks about the "european" way of food shopping. Which is basically buying whats fresh and in season and what look sgood and not, shockingly enough, using a list. The idea is that by doing this you end up with better AND less expensive items. SO I gave this a whirl, forgoing my usual "Plan out the weekly menu, make a list of what I need to create that menu" and kind of went kamikaze food shopping. It was great! I ended up with tons of in season fruit and veggie, a variety of meat (london broil steaks, chicken breasts and ground turkey were all on sale) and I spent about $20 less then I usually do on a weeks worth of groceries. Not too shabby!

I then swung by my parents house, since they returned home from their vacation. It turns out that the dog gained TWO pounds while in our care. Which to a smaller dog is like 20 pounds. Sorry Bodhi. I am at least glad there is one man in my life that doesnt infuriatingly seem to never gain weight. Ha!

In conclusion, my night was spent reading The Big Sleep in preparation for book club tonight. It was quite the page turner and I could not believe how risque it was. Drugs. Nudity. Sex. Porn. Murder. Mon dieu!! With all that going on it was easy enough to finsh it in one night. People are sometimes shocked at how fast I read but hello, I was an English major in college and am a master procrastinator. I spent many a night staying up late,fueled by oceans of Dunkin Donuts coffee, reading a book so I could then write a paper about it and turn it in the next day. My speed reading skills are highly tuned.

So that is that, not bad for the first day off!


G in Berlin said...

Actually, the European way of food shopping is to have to walk to market, have a fridge the size of a freezer and a freezer the size of a bread basket, and thus need to shop every other day or starve to death. Not quite the same. But eating locally (as a locavore), is a very good thing (in season, and not so much in Berlin).

Rebecca Jill said...

Oh, I've read Alison Weir's "The Innocent Traitor" on Lady Jane Grey. It's really good. I will have to check out "The Lady Elizabeth."

I have yet to read "The Other Boleyn Girl," but I've read "The Queen's Fool" and really liked it. I especially liked that one due to the religious implications of the main character being Jewish and knowing how to hide her Jewishness amongst both Catholics and Protestants. I love all things Tudor, as well.

I'm a fast reader, but from what you have written are in another realm/higher plane in reading than I. "The Big Sleep" sounds intriguing; I'll have to check that out at my local library.

Nicky said...

I lovelovelovelove Alison Weir! I went through a near obsessive phase with her books. I read every last book by her about the Tudors and then started in on everything else she'd written. I'm not sure what my problem was, but it was fun. Lol. I'm quite the speed-reader as well, so I am with you on the "finish a book in a day" thing.
I wish I knew a good spray-on tan place near me. My legs are so white, they could glow in the dark! Sad.

Dan said...

Chandler is ok, though I've always been more of a Hammett fan.

My Life In France is awesome. I scanned one of the pictures (of Julia having a smoke) and it now hangs in our kitchen with the inscription WWJD? What Would Julia Do?

Sarah said...

HAHA Dan have you seen these

They are apparently sold out online but I am on the hunt!

J said...

You will love My Life in France. I've read it twice and I never re-read books!

Jenny said...

Sounds like an awesome day! I try to do that shopping method, but usually it's based on a recipe I want to try, so I end up spending $$$!

Kate said...

OMG, I positively ADORE My Life in a France. What a fantastic book. I was so sad when I finished reading it.

Melissa said...

I have to tell you that I met Julia Child once. This was about ten years ago: I was an undergrad at Smith, and she was back for an alumnae event. I was rushing to class, and I saw her sitting on a bench outside a building. I was so stunned to see her that I stopped and stared. She looked at me hard, then said (in that voice!!): "Well, hello" (kind of like, "why are you staring rudely at me, stupid girl?" and I replied, and we had a brief conversation before I rushed off to class. She was lovely!! I also recall that a friend of mine came to lunch that day and said, "You will NOT BELIEVE who sat in on my French class this morning!"

She was an amazing woman!