Friday, April 03, 2009

F a Blog Post Title

Yesterday was the second to last Thursday I will be working for the forseeable future.

Yesterday we picked what days we will each have off on our new shortened work week. I was gunning for Wednesday but ended up with Thursday which is fine with me, too. You may be surprsied that I didn't want Monday or Friday. But Monday are my busiest days here so it wouldnt be fair to my team to take that day, and then Fridays are kind of...dare I say it...FUN around here. The beer cart. People in a good mood and less stressed than earlier in the week. In the summer we cook out at noon. So I didn't want to squander my day off on that either. SO, Thursday it is! If you are looking for someone to share cocktails with on Wednesday nights, I am your girl.

What will I do with my day off each week? Well according to Adam I will be cleaning and doing laundry. Hmmm we will see about that won't we? I have a few goals. I would like to go for a walk in the mornings down at Wollaston Beach which is desserted on weekday mornings. And then I would like to pick up a Julia Child cookbook over the weekend and use my Thursday afternoons from time to time to try my hand at the intricacies of French cooking! If you can reccomend one stand out Julia Child cookbook please let me know dans le comments.

And of course the first Thursday that it's above 70 out you can catch me at the beach!

Moving on...

I have been prowling around for a new "going out" clutch. Now for me, clutches are a dime a dozen. I hit up vintage and antique shops and get really cute ones for small money. So I own about 10 clutches. But my favorite "going out" one, a darling silver envelope clutch, has seen better days (probably in the 1960s). As such I need a replacement but so many clutches these days are kind of cheesy/ not the right size/not what I am looking for. Thankfully Felix Rey came through in the clutch for me (i = puntastic) and I scored this adorableness for about 1/3 of what it retails for on

Love it! Gray satin is so elegant but that red bow is all pop-art and silly. I would totally carry this during the day too with jeans.

Additionally, I am now in dire need of gold peep toes heels. I found the most fabulous pair a few years ago at Target and wore the complete crap out of them. They were gorgeous and no one ever believed me when I said they were from Target (Hilary do you still have yours?). Now they are scuffed and sad and I am sad too because a life without a go-to pair of gold peep toes is not a life I want to lead.

In conclusion: tomorrow I am going to a Spring Beer Tasting. Look for highlights on Brew England this weekend. Then I believe at night we will be grilling. Maybe having some folks over. I know it's going to rain but Grillin' in the Rain is a broadway hit begging to be sung. It's on.


Trixana said...

All right sadly I still have the gold peep toes, but they are in pathetic shape and I NEED NEW ONES STAT! Tell me if/where you find some please! I have come to depend on them too much for several outfits.

Dan said...

I'd recommend Mastering the Art of French Cooking (volumes 1 & 2). Some of the recipes, liked the sauteed zuchinni I made recently, are very simple. And when you're up to trying something more challenging, Julia's recipes are very detailed and kind of take you by the hand.

Sarah said...

Hillary - I know, those shoes are key. I will let you know what i find.

Thanks Dan - I definitely want something challenging and both of those sound perfect.

hope505 said...

wait...back that @ss up a have a beer cart at work? ~ whoa! ~ If the scheduling doesn't work out, maybe I can take someone's Friday!
* = D

Jewels said...

i love the fact that they are keeping the beer cart!!! I think a weekend trip to Boston [from Vancouver,BC] is in order just to see this mysterious event!!!

Kate said...

That clutch is adorable! I saw it on Gilt but had to resist because I just bought stuff at Bloomingdales

Anonymous said...

Julia Child "The Way to Cook" is wonderful. Everything I have made has come out wonderful. There are great illustrations and master recipes. It also comes in soft cover so it can be economical. Enjoy your day off!!!

Kimba said...

Wed nights=fun nights. Woootwooot! Hope you are able to enjoy your Thursday's off.

Rebecca Jill said...

Yeah, I'd definitely be at the beach over cleaning or doing laundry. But then again, I'm from the West coast of Florida (Tampa), and I'm one of the least domestic people you'd ever meet, so what else would you expect?

I love the clutch!