Monday, March 30, 2009

Hodge Podge

Fun fact: when i was little and would get sick, I used to take this liquid medicine called "erithromyicin". I'm sure that is spelled wrong but I think it was like non penicillin, penicillin. And it tasted TERRIBLE. My mom used to mix it in orange juice which made it slighly more tolerable but still pretty disgusting. The Mango Lip Balm I bought from Target last week smells and tastes just like that medicine-OJ concoction. Good times! Even more of a fun fact: I have not stopped using it.

Also, I have branched out from wearing my usual silver or gold or pearl earrings to wearing all kinds of fun costume-y ones. Which is find except I am so used to wearing only that kind of stuff that now my left earring hole is infected so I have to take a hiatus from wearing any earrings at all. I feel das nudas. I am debating just wearing one HUGE earring in my right ear to make up for my naked left one. Very Brian Austin Green chic. It's funny though how used you get to some kind of adornment and when you have to go without it you feel so exposed.

I'm going to end on this note: This morning I just threw a fake hissy fit because one of our machines at work is making my life not worth living, and in doing so gave myself a charley horse in my leg that STILL hurts. I rule.


Laura said...

I've found that clear nailpolish painted on to the bit of the earring that goes through the lobe (and the back) stops my somewhat-sensitive ears from reacting to cheap metal.

If you do decide to BAG it, please provide a photo!

Jeannie said...

I just laughed right the hell out loud at "Brian Austin Green chic"!

Britt said...

That medicine you took as a child, I'm very allergic to! It was either the one that turned my skin a really light shade of burgundy or it gave me something like hives but without the itching and pain. LOL
I have sensitive ears too but I still wear non "for sensitive ears". My ear piercings always end up itching but I usually just tough it out. Hope the infection part goes away quickly!!

Jenny said...

Sorry about the ear & the leg! (Especially since it was a fake hissy fit.)