Friday, March 27, 2009

Le Weekend - Je T'aime

How do I love the weekend? Let me count the ways.

Sorry, I am in a romantic mood. Friday does that to me.

Anyway this week has been a doozy. Crazy busy at work. Busy after work. Going to bed way too late and getting up way to early. I'm so glad this looks to be a relatively low key weekend since I need to recharge my batteries a bit and get back into fighting condition. I need to get my game face on. I need to see how many more platitudes I can fit in this paragraph.

My main plans this weekend include the following: Tonight Adam and I are engaging in what has turned into our Friday ritual for the past few weeks (when we are not away) of dinner and a movie. The thing is, by the end of the week, I need to be constantly stimulated or I slip into a coma. I.E. I have been falling asleep before our Friday Night movies are over and these haven't been especially boring films: There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, Saw 2. Yet I find myself snoozing about 3/4 of the way into the movie. Ain't right. So the new plan is eat dinner earlier and start the movie earlier and maybe lay off the red wine (thank god Gin is a stimulant). So we're dining out at the unholy hour of 5:30 for Quincy Restaurant Week (have you taken advantage yet? Dinner for two for $30 - that is a deal and a half!) and then hopefully I can actually finish a movie before succumbing. Now, what to watch?

Tomorrow my plans are to clean clean clean and cook cook cook while Adam is at class as we are entertaining Adam's family for dinner. I'm making my girl Ina Garten's Turkey Lasagna and hopefully hitting up Whole Foods on my way home tonight to assemble some kind of cheese plate. Can a meal involve too much and too many different kinds of cheese? The answer to this is ALWAYS NO. I am searching for some kind of dessert recipe as well. Maybe some kind of tart.

In other news, is anyone watching this season of the Tudors? I am glad that Henry is being a full fledged dick this season so I can finally stop romanticizing him which is so easy to do given the actor who playes him. Also who knew Jane Seymour was such a feminist? Go girl! Not sure how I feel yet about Anne of Cleves being played by Joss Stone. I will reserve judgement until I see more than the clips they showed last week.


Dan said...

Re: Restaurant Week. Went to Cela's on Monday. Very tasty.

Jenny said...

I've taken advantage of Boston's RW at Sage in the South End.

A great cookie recipe:

And Weight Watchers has some yummy sounding ones: Orange Cream Cheese Cookie Cups; Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pie and a Cannoli Quesadilla with Strawberry Sauce, to name a few!

Sarah said...

Dan: I haven't eaten at Cela's (or Old Alba as we still call it) BUT have gone for drinks a few times. I will have to get dinner there some night.

Jenny: Thank you! I am deinitely intrigued by those WW desserts!

Dan said...

My wife and I have eaten there 3 times now (more than we've been to new Alba's) and the food has been good each time, so I recommend it.

Lys said...

You'll have to tell us how the turkey lasagna went. Hopefully this weekend will be relaxing

Jillian said...

Too much cheese?! NEVER!