Thursday, March 26, 2009

There's a Washrag on the Nightstand!*

Ulli tagged me the other day to take a photo of my nightstand and post it. I forgot until last night when Adam did something that prompted me to remember (see below). I did not clean or move anything so here it is in it's messy, cluttered glory!

1. I came home late last night from fantastic dinner at Chez Henri with Andy and Peter. When I walked into the living room Adam said to me quite dramatically "I have something to tell you, you might want to sit down". Of course I immediately inwardly freak out because to me sitting down = bad news. So I'm like "OMG WHAT HAPPENED TELL ME NOW JUST SAY IT". And he's like "I have a gift for you, but it's after 10PM so don't freak out too loudly". And I'm all "OMG YAY" and he said "Go in the bedroom, it's on your nightstand" so I go into the bedroom and what's there on the table? Um, a jury duty summons that Adam FRAMED! If you know me at all you know how long I have lamented that I never get called for jury duty and how I know people who get called every three years and over the summer we had some summer intern fetuses and TWO of them got jury duty that summer and they were barely of age. WTF? Am I not worthy of doing my civic duty? So Not right. But now I can join the ranks of those who have engaged in this our duty as citizens. I know I'm totally romanticizing it and it will probably be a boring day of sitting around but in my mind I will serve on the jury of the crime of the century, just you wait.

2) I always have a glass of water next to the bed because I always wake up parched in the middle of the night. Blame it on the before bedtime glass of wine but it is a neccesity.

3) The little blue bag. This one is actually from my birthday. As you recall I was sick with the plague and opened my gift in bed and I should have removed the bag and put it with all the other pretty bags I save that I can't bear to throw out BUT I like looking at it. So it stays.

4) Nail polish remover. I am a huge fan of doing my nails in bed.

5) A delicious vanilla candle. I know candles are the new sad thing but I love them. I have candles all over my apartment: tapers and pillars and jars O MY. Love them. Plus I light a candle after I do my nails so the room doesn't smell like nail polish.

6) Various cards - I think these are Valentine's Day card from Adam and a birthday card from my parents. Again I just like having them around.

7) Tons of nail polish. I told you about loving to do my nails in bed, right?

8) Diva the Pig! A gift from my super talented super fabulous artist friend Nicky! . I coveted this sequin and pearl adorned swine and then Nicky was sweet enough to give her to me as a gift. Now she watches over me while I sleep and reminds me to always try to be fabulous.

9) A heap o' books. Everything from Elizabeth Bishop and Zora Neale Hurston to Barbara Taylor Bradford and Jodi Picoult. I never know what I'll feel like reading before bed so I figure it's better to have a big pile around. That, and these books aren't pretty enough to go in my color coded bookcase in the study (I'm sick, I know).

* If you know what the title of this post is from, we're probably meant to be best friends.


Me said...

LOVE IT! Especially the blue bag ;) and Adam's gift is totally cute!

And the pig....Sigh. I want ooooone :)

note to self: get bigger nightstand!

Andy said...

There's a F*ggot on the nightstand!- you & jill 1 bootle of Zhenka deep.

<3 it! OKoC!

ryssee said...

RE: #1 That man totally loves you!
RE: #2 I have you beat. There are two glasses for me!

Anonymous said...

what a SWEET thing to do framing your jury duty summons for you! it's the little things... *sigh*

i personally find doing more than filing my nails in bed highly uncomfortable... oh also, i did the nightstand-thing, too :)