Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Essentials

I thought it would be fun today to do a little round-up of Springtime Essentials. Things I use virtually every day especially now that the weather has turned gorgeous again!

Straight Sexy Hair "Power Straight" Straightening Balm

I know, couldn't have a cheesier name but I swear by this stuff. I have a problem with straightening balms and that problem is either they make my hair way too greasy (and for someone who likes to let a blow out ride for a few days, this is a no-no) OR they zap all the volume out of my hair so it's straight, yes, but utterly lifeless.

However with this - a little in my hair before blow straightening and my hair comes out basically straight but still with lots of volume! And not greasy at all! Between you and me, I also use it in my hair even when I'm not blowing it out because it makes my hair virtually frizz free and smells divine.

I have been hearing about this "almost lipstick" for years and years. Hushed conversations on the street. Other bloggers alluding to it. People outright telling me to try it. So finally I gave in a few months ago and it is true, this is the perfect lip color. I can't imagine it looking bad on anyone.

It appears at first glance to be a deep raisiny plum color but it goes on sheer and adapts to whatever your natural lip color already is. On me it just makes my lip color a little deeper in a way that looks fabulous and as if I were blessed with naturally perfectly hued lips. The moisturizing formula feels like you're using a chapstick. I carry this with me anywhere and swipe it on throughout the day!

I wear some kind of scent every day - depending on what phase I am going through. Right now I am in an Idole d'Armani phase because it smells amazing and every time I wear it somone compliments me on it and I am a fiend for compliments. As the day wears on though, perfume tends to wear out so it's nice to be able to touch yourself up without lugging along these huge bottles. This is wear these little bottles come in. Fill it up with a little of your favorite scent, drop it in your bag and you are good to go. I found the Etsy seller linked above selling them but I have also seen them in beauty supply stores and other online sites. Mine actually came with my bottle of Idole!

Now, I am not the girl who gets a mani/pedi every week. Wish I were, but I am not. I will get one of each about once a month during the nicer months and then switch out the polish as I see fit.
I do, however, go to CVS at least once a month and a few weeks ago I spied this line of nail polish from Milani. How could I not spy it? The colors are all BRIGHT NEON and called out to me from afar. I had to buy the yellow/green featured above, a hue aptly called "Totally 80s" and I feel pretty much in love with it.


It's definitely not for everyone. But it is for me. I like the juxtaposition of a sweet summer dress and insane colored nails. I went back to CVS the other day (weird) and also purchased the "Techno Red" color which as you see is just as loud and just as fun - a neon pinky orange. Love!!

Just imagine if I wasn't pale as a ghost? I think a trip to Glow is in order in the very near future....

Which brings us to the last essential, but certainly not least -

No warm weather spring essential post would be worthy without mention of the greatest warm weather cocktail, the mojito! The basic mojito recipe goes something like this:

1 oz rum
mint leaves
1 tbsp sugar
juice of 1/2 lime juice
club soda
Muddle the mint leaves with the lime juice and sugar in a glass. Add rum. Add ice. Top off with club soda. Repeat until singing showtunes in the street suddenly happens.

I posted my recipe for Mango Mojitos (pictured above) on I Cook Good last week and that cocktail has proven to be a launching pad for all manner of mojito innovations. Like how about instead of club soda topping it off with prosecco? Or muddling some rasperries in there too for a Lime Rickey twist? How about using basil and strawberries instead of mint and lime (I know which may make it technically not a mojito anymore but so freaking good anyway). The possibilities and endless and delicious.
So what are your springtime essentials? And let's make this a little interesting. If you leave me a comment and tell me what one your springtime essentials is I will have a little drawing on Friday and if I draw your name - a brand new tube of one of my essentials, Clinqiue's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, will be on it's way to use to use, love and rave about.


Amanda said...

You sure know how to convince a girl to comment!! ;-) spring essentials are probably: D&G L'Imperatrice--it's a very light, springy scent; Fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment--it's a balm but with a nice hint of color; and probably the super cute skirt I got at Banana Republic a few weeks ago.

Happy Spring!!

Sarah said...

oooh I love Fresh Sugar. And let's see the skirt! :-)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love Black Honey. I used to want it in middle school and then just saw it in Sephora. An old school classic for sure, I may have to pick it up!

san said...

I am highly intrigued to try the straightening balm - I have the same problem that most other balms make my hair greasy on day 1 after the blow out.

My spring essential definitely is Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, because it really helps your eye shadow to stay on all day!

TheatreChick73 said...

I need to try that straightening balm! I absolutely hate when my hair is all frizzy again on day two. And if it doesn't make my hair any greasier, double points!

My spring essential is Smashbox Photo Finish. I don't like to use any foundation in the summer (ick) but as my skin ages, powder just doesn't do the trick alone anymore. Photo Finish smooths everything out, reduces the look of my pores AND, as a bonus, helps my makeup (what little I do wear in the summer) set for the entire day. It doesn't take a lot. I bought one of the "sample" sizes at Sephora for $17 and I know it will last me the entire spring/summer. Even bigger bonus, if there is any left at the end, I can still use it under foundation (stage or regular) to keep my makeup on longer then too. It's a God send!

Mandy said...

I recently fell in love with and purchased Fancy by Jessica Simpson--the name is ridiculous but it smells really great--light and sweet and springy.

Jolene said...

my spring essential: a cute new pair of sandals to wear to work! I just bought these at Target and they are perfect for my hectic work days!

Bethany Bouchard said...

My Spring Essentials:

* Redken Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield Leave-In Smoother: I have color treated hair, and since I live in California, I'm in the sun a lot. This stuff helps my highlights (and lowlights) stay in.

* Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue" Perfume: Yes I know everyone has this perfume, but it's an awesome light, citrusy scent.

* Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color: They say it's a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, and top coat all in one. I say it's incredible. There is a wide, flat brush that makes application a breeze, and there are lots of bright colors (to me, that's a good thing) like "Back to the Fucshia".

Spring has sprung and I am greeting it by having highlights with staying power, smelling fabulous, and sporting brightly colored nails!

erinire said...

I loooove Black Honey, and I looove perfume roll-on bottles (SJP Lovely), and I HAVE TO TRY that straightening balm.

Jenny said...

Just went and bought those roller bottles from Etsy!! Thanks! And I really want to try that "lipstick."

MY springtime essential - other than flip flops :) - is probably Be Happy from Clinique. It's not my favorite (that would be Lolita Lempicka) but I have to wear it when the weather first turns warm, as it is so springy and happy!!

My other essential: SPF!!! :)

Amy said...

I am a long-time reader, but first time commenter. Your blog is always great, but I especially love posts like this! Anytime I am introduced to new beauty products it makes me so happy. Also happy-making - mojitos and variations thereof.

My spring essentials include:

-Old Navy roll-over jersey skirts. I have them in a bunch of colors and love to throw them on on the weekends with a cute tee or tank and a cardigan. It makes casual dressing so easy (and feels like pjs)

-Aquaphor healing ointment. Winter is cruel to my feet so to get them ready for sandal-season, I always slather this stuff on at night and cover with socks. My feet are up to par in just about a week.

-My magenta satin trench coat. I love this coat so much and it's just warm enough for cool spring mornings. Plus it perks up every outfit I own.

-Huge Ralph Lauren sunglasses. My eyes are really sensitive to light and I am the palest girl on the planet - so I like to protect as much of my face as possible. These do the trick!

Amanda said...

Argh! Sarah I tried to find you a link for the skirt but it isn't on their website anymore.

Maybe I'll wear it to next book club meeting. ;-)

Jenny said...

P.S. I bought the roll on bottles, but can't figure out how to open my full-size perfume bottles!!! :(