Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's Raning Cats

It was the middle of the night.

I heard a loud noise coming from somewhere on the other side of the bed. A noise like someone knocking something over.

Then silence. I waited, wondering if i had imagined it.

I heard the noise again.

I poked Adam, who was sleeping at the time. "What's that noise?" I asked him.

"What noise?" he replied, only half awake.

We waited in silence until I heard the noise again. He sat up in bed, squinting into the darkness. "Oh my god there's a cat in the room!"

What? How did a cat get in the room? That's insane!!

But there was sitting on the windowsill, lazily flicking it's tail, blue eyes glowing at me in the dim light from the street lamp outside our bedroom window.

"What should we do!!?" I whispered to Adam.

But Adam wasn't in bed anymore. He had gotten up to go see how the cat had gotten into the apartment. Had we left the back door open?

Suddenly I heard a noise on my side of the bed and when I turned there was an orange tabby cat sitting on my bedside table. I screamed. Where were these cats coming from!!??

Suddenly the cat with the blue eyes hissed menacingly at me and jumped onto the bed, as he approached the pillow next to my head I reflexively swatted at it with my hand and yelled "Get away!!"


Suddenly I was awake in bed, in a cat free bedroom, and a very angry fiancee sitting in bed beside me rubbing his face.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked. And I slowly began to realize that I had been dreaming.

"What happened?" I asked him, groggily navigating the line between dream and reality.

"You just punched me in the face!"

"But I thought you were a cat!"

"It really hurts!"

"I'm sorry but I really thought you were a cat. I just wanted you to get off my pillow". I attempted to explain. But no amount of regret at punching him could surmount my feel of RELIEF that my room really wasn't being invaded by mean, strange cats.

Note to self: The "I thought you were a cat" excuse doesn't really work when trying to explain punching someone in the face in the middle of the night.

Also cats be forewarned, don't be in my bedroom at night. I will punch a cat out!


Jenny said...

OMG Sarah. I literally laughed out loud to this!! You are too funny.

Hope Adam doesn't have a black eye! Although he can always blame it on hockey if he does. ;)

Angie said...

Hahahaha. Oh wow.. just giggled at my desk for the past 5 minutes. Thanks for the laugh!

Rebecca Jill said...

Oh my Gosh! I hope Adam is okay.

Though I do sympathize with you. Not only would it freak me out if random, strange cats were in my room at night, I'm also allergic to cats, so I'd be punching away at anything dreaming or not dreaming, too, to get them off my pillows, anything.

Jenn said...

OK I also laughed out loud at this. Sorry Adam but that is hilarious.

Here's to no more cat-dream-caused face punching!

April Elizabeth said...

i didnt see that coming as a dream, i should have but apparently I am dumb.

"i thought you were a cat" is by far the bes excuse i ever heard

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I punched Chris right in the stomach once while I was dreaming ... I wish I'd thought he was a cat, though. It would have been way funnier!! hahaha!


Miss Marcella Lee said...

"But I thought you were a cat!" Classic!!

Briana Sweeney said...

I will join the bandwagon and say also that i laughed out loud while reading this. My boyfriend once saved me from the aliens that were flying in from the window that's over my bed. (there is no window over my bed)
He wakes up, jumps to turn the light on, points to non-existent window and says "now if i have this right, something just flew in through the window and was about to attack you"
I thought you were a cat, HA!