Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Sense of Humor Ain't The Only Thing That's Dry

My skin is a size too small.

Seriously that is what it feels like lately. I moisturize constantly, I use a moisturizing body wash, I don't take scalding hot showers. Yet still my skin is DRY!
I feel like I post about this every year around this time. It's a shock and a shame really. I feel like I will find something that works great.....for like a week or two and then it stops working entirely. Doesn't a lotion exist that is somewhat heavy duty, but not greasy at all. And also smells pleasantly but won't interfere with my perfume. And also comes in a pump. And can be purchased at a drug store.
Please save me from the embarrassment of working in the construction industry and having rougher looking hands than a lot of the guys I work with.

Anyone have a recommendations? Maybe you can cure my mummy-hands and help me be able to greet people like this -

(img from here)

- rather than this!


Jenny said...

I am totally addicted to Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion. First off it comes in a pump! Second, it is "unscented" but really just smells CLEAN. And it has oatmeal in it which is AMAZING for dry, itchy skin (my dermatologist recommended it because my skin is also a size too small and I regularly gouge myself til I bleed).

If you have a BJ's membership (or something like it) they sell it in two pack pumps for SUPER cheap. I keep one at home and one at the office!

Sarah said...

Yet another reason I need a BJ's membership! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ahava products from the dead sea in Israel are incredible. I also love my Nivea lotions.

Anonymous said...

I use aveeno's creamy moisturizing oil (it's actually a lotion, but it's called an oil). It's the only moisturized I've found that's not too oily. I can actually put it on all over my body and then get dressed without having to wait for any length of time. It's the pink bottle.

Jen said...

I use Boot's Pistacio and Oil body butter (I think that is the name) found at Target. I like it!

My legs get horribly dry to the point that I bruise and cut myself from itching.

b*schus said...

For hands (and elbows!) I can't recommend Neutrogena's Norwegian hand formula enough. It's thick but soaks in quick and is not greasy. It literally heals my hands within minutes!

Sarah said...

See that stuff just does not absorb into my skin - however I do use it on my elbows (which are in rough shape) and in a pinch as a lip treatment!

Jenn M said...

My skin is always dry and itchy! I tried Aveeno, but it didn't last long enough and Vaseline lotion was greasy. I am now madly in love with Curel Itch Defense. It doesn't have a smell and just like the other Jen who posted, it keeps me from bruising myself by scratching.

Nina Diane said...

I never have dry and itchy skin anymore since I started using Johnson's baby the pink bottle. And it comes in pump too! Even the heels of my feet stay smooth all winter. Even the gal that does my pedicures says she can't believe how soft my feet stay during the winter! For my hands, I use the hand lotion from Avon with skin-so-soft in it...wonders wonders.

Anonymous said...

I love pure grace body butter by philosophy. It works great and smells amazing. Not a drug store brand but worth the price. You can find it at or possibly at Sephora.

Donna said...

Ha! Wait until you're in your mid-forties like me!

For a body moisturizer I use Mary Kay TimeWise® Cellu-Shape® Daytime Body Moisturizer. It's one of those "exfoliating" moisturizers and I'm sure Avon has something similar. I think it works much better when I apply it in the bathroom right after a shower.

I use two other Mary Kay moisturizer products for my face and eyelids.

I use Neutrogena Norwegian hand formula on my hands but only right before bed.

Funny picture of you!!