Friday, March 12, 2010

Change O' Plans

I am antsy.

I get like this every few months. Tired of the same old same old. Wanting a little break from the old ennui. In the summer it's nice because we have Adam's parents in New Hampshire who graciously let us use their house when they are spending their weekends in Maine. But in the the gray of winter what's a bored gal (and guy) to do?

So a plan was hatched.

First Adam had acquired tickets to a Providence Bruins game for this Friday night so we were going to go down to Providence for dinner, go to the game and come home. Then we figured, why not make a night of it and book a hotel. There are good deals to be had this time of year. So we made a reservation and decided to get out of work a little early and head down, check out
some bars, do some shopping.

Then we figured, why not make a weekend of it and book another hotel in Newport, RI for the following night? Visit the
Newport Storm Brewery, take a tour of the Breakers, check out a pub or two, get mobbed by hysterical drunks.

Say what?

Luckily, I mentioned our trip to a coworker who, unbeknownst to me, used to live in Newport and she informed me today that the St Patrick's Day parade is this Saturday. That the city would be mobbed. There would be no place to park. That every bar would have a cover and would be mobbed from 8AM on.

It would basically be like taking a leisurely day trip to Southie this Sunday. Yikes!

Now, I love me a drunk as much as the next person but if I wanted to hang out with a bunch of them I could stay right here in Boston.

So after conferring with Adam and doing a little research, I was able to to cancel our Newport reservation for Saturday and booked us instead into a lovely Hyannis. MA hotel! So after our rowdy Providence night we will head to the Cape for a day/night of outlet shopping,
brewery visiting and dining out!

I love off season traveling. It's so inexpensive and there's less of a crowd. Big ups to and for always making it a cinch to find a hotel last minute!

And don't worry Newport, we're coming for you in April instead!


Jenny said...

UM. SO FREAKING WEIRD. Eric and I were trying to make plans to be in Newport this weekend and THE SAME THING HAPPENED. We ended up canceling hahahahahahaah.

Sarah said...

Ahaha great minds! So....see you in Hyannis? :-P

Me said...

Damn, I am doing Newport in April too. *waves*