Monday, March 15, 2010

Une espèce d'idiot

So, as mentioned previously we were away this weekend, having a smashing time in Providence, RI (check out our review of the Trinity Brewhouse here) and Hyannis, MA where we finally got to check out Cape Cod Beer!)

It also afforded us a chance for Adam to drink beer out of a boot.

It was a great mini break and just what we needed!

The weather, as you may be aware if you live in New England but if not allow me to say, has been god awful. Gale force winds. Whipping, driving, sideways rain. Not cute all around. This did not affect our time away too much other than providing a mildly treacherous drive home yesterday, and even then it was only really treacherous for the last half hour of the drive.

In any case we arrived back at the apartment, unloaded the car and made our way up to our place. Adam entered the apartment first and quickly uttered a "What the hell...". Apparently someone left not only the kitchen window wide open but the screen as well. Who would do such a thing?

That'd be me.

On Friday Adam was loading up the car and yelled up to me that he forgot his keys, could I throw them down. So I opened the kitchen window, opened the screen and threw his keys down. Then promptly locked up the apartment and left, leaving the window wide the f open during a 3 day Nor'Easter.


Luckily, other than a broken blind and a VERY cold apartment, there was NO damage at all to anything. The windowsill wasn't even that wet and the potted plant, owl vase and African sugar jug I have displayed on the windowsill weren't even knocked over.

It was a miracle if you ask me. And also allowed me to totally play down my old forgetfulness with a "So? Nothing happened!".

Then of course Adam had to go and say he hoped a bird or bat hadn't flown into the apartment in our absence. Which means I did not have a moment of peace until I had searched high and low for a potential bird or bat. And even my half hazard search (I was too afraid that there WAS a bird or bat in one one of the closets so instead of getting searched I just shut all of those doors. But then any time I heard any noise last night, I freaked out and assumed there was definitely a bat somewhere in the apartment waiting for me to fall asleep so it could bite my face.

So I guess I got my due punishment! Even if it is a result of my own paranoia/ fear of potential bats in my apartment. Then again who exactly is comfortable with potential bats in their apartment?


Jenny said...

Oh no!! Glad you didn't come home to a flood! :)

Did you at least have a wonderful weekend?

P.S. There was a bat in my room a few years ago. I think we called the police and they sent someone to get it. NOT fun.

Sarah said...

Ahh I would die! I'm glad the police helped you out.

The weekend WAS wonderful! Very relaxing and fun :-)

Anonymous said...

love the beer boot. we have a tradition here: when you're out with a bunch of friends you buy a boot for everyone, pass it around and the first person to get air in the tip of the boot = where it "splashes/bubbles" has to buy the next one. heh. we love our drinking games here in germany :)