Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Happens When You Get Dressed In The Dark

You wear two different earrings to work!

Please note: I have also done the same thing with socks. More than once.

Also, in seventh grade I intentionally wore two different shoes to school because I thought it looked "cool" ...but instead the teacher took me out of class to ask me if I was having trouble at home.

I = awesome.


That Kind of Girl said...

That's too funny about wearing mismatching shoes. The teacher should have realized, though, that all kids go through weird stuff during the hormonal pressure-cooker years.

Also, those earrings look pretty darn similar. Did anyone notice?

Sarah said...

I noticed before anyone else did, luckily.

Rebecca Jill said...

I actually did that with shoes one time that were similar, though one was brown and one was black. I was the first that noticed and was mortified. This was at work only 2 years out of college, but luckily I had to do some work out of the office, anyway, so I was able to go home and get the right matching shoes on.

Kaylen said...

Ha, those are pretty close looking. I've gone an entire day with just one earring.
I am the opposite of a fashionista-it's just horrible. I'd prefer to stay in yoga pants and a sweatshirt every day and I feel like I just go to work each day faking being a pretty girl. I'm not sure if it's working....