Thursday, February 04, 2010

Glaciers Melting in the Dead of Night

It's Thursday and it's the beginning of February which is the month of my birth. I am turning 30 in 21 days. I feel oddly (or maybe not so oddly) ambivalent about it. I love my birthday in general because I love having a party. And I have never in my life been the type of person who thrust milestones upon myself like "I will have this by the time I am this age, I will have done this by this age". I have done a lot of things, still have lots to do. I just don't really care about thirty, other than the feeling vaguely that that number will finally make me feel like somewhat of an adult?


In any case, let's do a "What am I into Lately" thing today. Why not?

1) Teal nail polish. In the cool gray of winter, one wants to have a little punch of color, doesn't one? My fave lately is Sally Hansen's InstaDri "Jumpin Jade". The brush is super thick so you can basically put it on in one sweep of each nail. It dries instantly, but it will chip if you don't put a top coat on it. Still, I love it.

I also ordered Essie's Mint Candy Apple which is basically the pastel version of the above. And reminiscint of the little blue box we all know and love. I can't wait to try it out.


2) My new pink kicks. I have wanted mocassins for ever now, just ask Adam. Every time we pass the moccasin shop on the way to his parents (in NH) I beg him to stop but miraculously it's always closed when we drive by. No fair. And we all know how I feel about a Pink Shoe. These are unbelievably comfortable, like wearing slippers. And I get so many compliments on them. The pink is the perfect shade: bright but not garish, cheerful but not obnoxious.

LOVE. Thanks Dr. Scholls!!

3)Wisteria. Their catalog is my porn, what can I say? I have no room in our current abode for any new furnishings/accessories but when we move over the summer you better BELIEVE it is on. My latest loves are their Cathedral Looking Glass which I think is just so romantic and interesting. I would totally put it in the hallway for some random drama.

I am also super into their shadowbox art - particularly the Nuestra Senoras. Give me folk art in a gilded frame and you had me at hello.

(click for more detail)

And I am totally enamored with their ship shadowbox in the way that you think if you really put your mind to it you could probably make one yourself but then you remember you are totally unartistically inclined? This one would go in the bedroom since we have a nautical theme in there.

Clearly I could post images from Wisteria all day but let's move on. Shifting gears....

4) The band, Muse. I confess, last week I bought the Twilight soundtrack (I'm 14, as we have already established on twitter). And I LOVED it. It has turned me on two a few bands I had never really paid much attention to including Paramore, and the aforementioned Muse. I loved the Muse song on the soundtrack (Supermassive Black Hole) so much that I went and bought the Muse CD it came from over the weekend (I know, buying a CD. How quaint!). I have been rocking out to it ever since. If you see a girl fist pumping her way down the Mass Pike around 5PM every day, that'd be me.

5) This one is kind of boring but...bringing lunch instead of buying lunch! I haven't bought lunch (on a weekday) in three weeks. At first it was a little annoying, making time to pack breakfast/lunch/snacks at night so we can just grab and go in the morning but I am in the rhythm of it now and we've not only saved a lot of money but we've each lost a few pounds. What's not to love about that? My go to lunch is to cook a batch of brown rice, portion it out into Tupperware and them microwave a bag of stir fry vegetables (not all the way through though, so they are still crisp-tender) and throw on top. Then I make a mustard vinaigrette with spicy brown mustard, a little olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Voila!

6) And last but not least, don't you hate it when a blogger whom you read every day decides to pull the plug? So dissapointing. But what I LOVE is when they come back in full force! Check out Frankie from our fave FrankieCantRelax who is back from NoBlogLand with her new venture February Yes Woman, chronicling her taking life by the balls and participating in reader suggested activities like stand up, speed dating and yes even posing nude! I think this is an awesome idea and she has me feeling inspired me to step outside of my own box, and take some risks. In fact if you will excuse me I'm going to whip my off my shirt, someone grab a crayon! Check her out.


Rebecca Jill said...

Muse opened for U2 when they were in concert in Raleigh here in North Carolina last October, and I really liked them. They're great!

Bean said...

The Muse is absolutely incredible and I'm glad you've found them :)

alena said...

BTW...that Cathedral Looking Glass from Wisteria is the Dom cathedral in Cologne, Germany. Those towers are basically on everything in the town..including the beer that is made there! It's really cool and pretty. Anyway, seeing the pic made me smile to think of it so I thought you might like to know!