Friday, January 22, 2010

Pink Shoe Guide to Auto Mechanics: Lesson #1

The below item is not actually called "That Wand Thing That Turns on Your Blinker"...'s called an Actuator!

I learned this lesson last night at Monroe Muffler on the Southern Artery on Quincy where all my automotive needs are taken care of, my dumb questions answered, and I am never scoffed at for being the one of the least car-savvy person on earth.

I also love that they get that I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on my car. It's a Honda, in good shape, and of course I want to maintain her. But they are good at printing out what tuneupI am due for, and then picking out the things I REALLY need to get done, and the things that could wait. Love that.

Further proof that these guys rule? They told me I would need new brake pads soon (boo!) but since I had purchased them originally at Monroe two years ago, and their brake pads have a lifetime guarantee, they would be free! How cool is that? I would never even have thought to ask.

This is a far cry from my dealings with the dealership, where I took my car when I first bought her. A place where you are browbeaten into spending the most money possible and berated when you just want the "basic " oil change and not all the bells and whistles. I drive an '04 Civic. Why should my oil change cost $60? I seriously had PTSD about going to the mechanic after my dealings with that place. Yikes.

But now I feel better. I have a place where I have no qualms about calling them up with a query like "A light went off on my dashboard that looks like a robot head, what do I do?"


Anonymous said...

I know exactly where that place is and now I know exactly where I'll be taking my car for service now that I'm living in Quincy. Thank you, Sarah!! :-)

lisagh said...


Last week I had a light go on my dashboard and when I showed a guy at work he said, "you need to check your oil." So I looked at the ceiling and then at the floor and then said, "ummmm...". So he did it for me. And you know what? It turned out I had no freaking oil in the car. At all. I got scolded for that one.

Never fear... he went out at lunch, bought 2 containers of oil and poured 'em in and then I took it to the dealership to get fixed. See? no problem.

Cars! Hmph.

Jen said...

I need to find a good mechanic in Ohio! I take my '07 to the dealer because they make be feel like if I don't they'll void the warranty if something goes wrong.

Sarah said...

I definitely don't have anything against dealerships in general...just one particular one on Rt One in Norwood that is godawful.

Amanda said...

Uh, yeah. Brought my car to these guys this morning...and I'M IN LOVE! I will never go anywhere else. And I most certainly told them it was lovely YOU who recommended them. THANK YOU!!!

Sarah said...

Yeay!! Was Ralph working the front desk? He is so fun! I am glad you had a good experience there.