Monday, January 11, 2010

Everyone's Turning 30

It was definitely one of those weekends where Monday arrives and you think "Weekend? What weekend?". Between book club on Thursday where our little group managed to put away no less than 6 bottles of wine while discussing Sense & Sensibility, a 30th birthday bar crawl on Friday that went rolled on into Saturday morning and a Foxwoods excursion that ended early into Sunday morning, it is no surprise I woke up Sunday morning around noon sounding like a dude. But it was all in the name of fun so that is a-ok with me!

Foxwoods sojourn was a bit of a hodge podge operation. My cousin Mike had invited us to join him and some of his friend's there to celebrate his 30th birthday earlier in the week. Adam and I had discussed it and decided to play it by ear. This turned into, at 5PM on Saturday decide to go for it so we threw on some dashing duds (dark gray pinstriped suit for him, black dress and fishnets for me) and headed down to Connecticut!

First of all allow me to say, I have only been to
Foxwoods once and it was about 8 years ago AND it was during the day on a weekday. So while technically yes I had been there before I don't claim to have any knowledge of the place other than the few hours I spent there that day.

Second of all, we were WAY overdressed for this place. Instead of a dress and heels I should have worn a
Tweety bird sweatshirt and mom jeans. And Adam probably should have worn some kind of fringed vest. Don't get me wrong, it is a great place and actually beautiful in some parts, but there is no need to dress like you are going to a cocktail party. Unless the cocktail parties you usually attend include the toothless and the mullet-rocking on the invite list.

At one point, I was walking with my cousin's girlfriend S and her friend ahead of the guys and this kind of scary looking man stopped and started hitting on S. Even though she didn't engage him he kept harping on it repeating "You look good. You look real good. Damn girl you look good" and I could tell she was embarrassed and didn't know how to get him to go away. I am well versed in scaring off the scary though so I started talking to him in a super fake nice voice "
OMG Look at you complimenting a stranger! How nice of you! Not enough people do that you know? Wow you were raised right! What a good kid! Look at you!". He in turn gave me a strange look, muttered something under his breath and walked away. Damn I am good.

Not that any of this took away from our good time. In fact, we had a blast! My cousin and his friends are so fun, the drinks are FREE and I do partake in the feeling that I could be a big winner so suffice it to say I spent the entire $100 I went in there with but I had fun losing it!

I think next I would like to check out
Twin River, maybe do a night out there since it's much closer than Foxwoods (which is almost 2 hours away). Adam and I discussed doing a night down there in March. Why not?

Sunday was a good way to unwind from the nuttiness of the weekend. I slept late, went to my parents for a while, had a great lunch with
Danielle and later in the night cooked up a fantastic feast to celebrate the new season of Big Love (Balsamic marinated London Broil, boiled Dungeness Crab Legs, roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli - yum!).

This looks to be kind of a weird week. I have some work stuff going on I can't really talk about. I am keeping a positive attitude, though!


Andrea said...

"Instead of a dress and heels I should have worn a Tweety bird sweatshirt and mom jeans. "

I came away from Foxwoods thinking "Good heavens, I knew I should have went with the pink sweatshirt with iron-on kitten appliques and track pants and some sort of knock off Vera Bradley bag from 1989... you know, for my smokes."

For the finely dressed gentleman, might I suggest the patriot eagle t-shirt and Wranglers?

I feel like we drove an hour to Montana. It was that depressing. And also depressing, the kitten sweatshirt ladies sitting there with a huge ashtray FULL of butts. And even better? They have little cases for their packs of cigarettes.

Melissa said...

I looove Foxwoods (hate that it reeks of smoke tho) and have been many times since we are only about 1.5 hours away. It amazes me how different the people from that part of CT dress compared to where I'm from (Fairfield County.) You aren't exaggerating when you described the outfits you and Adam should have worn to fit in lol! I promise not all of us in CT dress that way! :P

Feministy said...

Good thing you went for the crab legs, like a good Mormon should!

Sarah said...

hahahaha I know right? Imagine if I had served grilled salmon? Mon dieu!

Anonymous said...

I actually laughed out loud when I came to "Tweety Bird sweatshirt." Love it!

wheresmymind said...

I logged on and saw "The Pink Shoe Diaries" and I thought..hrm...I know that girl! I'm only disappointed you didn't go to Mohegan :)

Anonymous said...

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Kathleen said...

new Big Love..... aaaah so excited.

Lys said...

Oh lord - I haven't thought about Foxwoods in forever - but that does sound like the dress code. I want to say the last time I was there was for a Billy Idol concert - forever ago (before I moved to all parts Disney Hell)