Wednesday, January 06, 2010

20 freaking 10!

2010 what what?

Well here I am after a deliciously restful vacation from work. I had off from the 24th until Monday the 28th, worked that one day, then was off again until yesterday. It was glorious. Many people have asked “did you go anywhere for your vacation” and I am happy to report I did. I went to the land of people who have super clean, neat and organized homes. In fact, I live in that land now!

I spent the first few days of my vacation attacking our place with the vengeance of those who have let their home kind of become a shit hole over the holidays, with fear egging me on. The kind of fear born of watching a Hoarders marathon and then noticing the pile of boxes and used wrapping paper in the corner f your living room, and the pile of clothes on the futon in the spare room that you’ve been meaning to give away and the collection of never used appliances in your kitchen cupboard. Jeepers creepers I was a soiled housecoat away from a visit by the Board of Health!

So, my first order of business was taking down and packing up the Christmas decorations. Easy Peasy. My second order of business was to set the vacuum cleaner aflame by trying to vacuum up too many pine needles. When the smell of burning chemicals had dissipated, I planned my attack.

Room by room, I methodically went through all of our possessions and asked myself if I ever used it, if it even worked, did I have to have it? You would be surprised at how many of these items garnered a big fat NO to all three questions. Did I really need a toaster oven that can only toast on low or else it burns whatever you are toasting? No. Did we really need the waffle iron we had never used in the 6 years we have been together? I suppose not. Was there a reason Quesadilla makers were even invented (ever heard of a frying pan or skillet)? Probably not.

And with that a power took hold of me that beseech ed me to purge myself of these appliance hangers-on. And so I did. First the kitchen. Then the spare room, the living room and bedroom). I filled bag after bag and Rubbermaid tote after Rubbermaid tote.
I created space where none had existed before. I unearthed my cache of clutch purses I thought I had lost forever. I found shoes I didn’t know I owned. I made into a guest bedroom that which had previously been a den of inequity (and by inequity I mean piles of clothes, heaps of laundry, stacks of books).

At the end of my two day project. I had made seven trips to the dumpster and two trips to Goodwill. I still owe my parents a trip to their house to drop off some totes for storage but all in all, it’s a huge difference.

And of course my victory over clutter and mess made me feel not guilty at all about spending my remaining vacation relaxing, reading, watching movies, shopping and catching up with friends. All of which also put me in the perfect frame of mind to start the New Year!

We rang in 2010 in our friends Jenn and Mike’s beautiful new home in Franklin with some of our dearest friends and over Chinese Food and gossip we all agreed to each other that 2010 would be a kickass year!

No lest you think I have all my ducks in a row, which would be so unlike me, I will share with you a New Years Eve mishap.

I was running errands last minute (i.e. shopping for a dashing NYE outfit) and was talking on the phone while maneuvering my shopping bags and trying to get into my car. As I was getting in, I slipped on some ice and basically fell into my car. I was not hurt, but as I fell the pocket of my coat hooked on a part of my car and snapped it right on two.

At first I was like WTF just happened? I looked at it for a few seconds and then was like “FUUUUUUUUUUDGE (only I didn’t say fudge”). I had broken my ignition! !!!

How can that even happen!!

I fumbled for my phone to call Triple A and apprise them of my situation when duh, it hit me. Um, the ignition isn’t even on that side of the steering column. And it probably couldn’t just snap off like that. It was, in fact, my wand that controls my blinker and headlights. Incredibly, all the wiring is intact and still works It is just kind of a sad situation. She is getting fixed next week though before her inspection since I don’t think any inspector will look forgivingly on this business.

But since it happened BEFORE 2010, I have every belief that this year will be fantastic, filled with surprises and travel and learning new things and making new friends. I will be turning 30 (!!) next month. Adam and I will be moving this summer. I made some smaller resolutions (ALWAYS bringing my re-useable bags with me when I foodshop) and larger ones (Will this be the year I finally get in shape! Let's do it!) I look forward to kicking ass and taking names.

And I wish the same for all of you as well!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR and to a GREAT 2010 for you and your family (and for me, too :)) xoxo

hope505 said...

"...I found shoes I didn’t know I owned...."

I love when that happens!!
* : D

Jenny said...

Hilarious, as always!

I turn 30 too this year. I'm slightly depressed about it, but I need to turn that frown upside-down!

Happy New Year!!

Trish said...

I have been reading your blog for so long and have never commented. This post made me laugh hysterically out loud (the ignition part). Hilarious! Thanks for the many laughs! Cheers to a fabulous 2010!!

Tracy said...

Ya Sarah! You are on a roll...well, aside from the ignition. I wish someone was with you to witness that. Happy 2010!

Norwego said...

I also feel a deep sense of panic when I watch Hoarders. My home is normal and fine, but that show makes me feel, well, dirty.