Monday, January 18, 2010

Bang Bang!

I'm tired. WAH!!!

Just wanted to share that with you.

This weekend was pretty low key for us mainly because I caught a tremendously shitty cold last week. I felt it coming on Wednesday, after lunch I just didn't feel quite right. Then by the time I got out of work my throat was really hurting. When Adam came home from work I did the smart thing and said that my throat hurt and I was probably getting sick, so we should go out for dinner since I probably won't want to go out again once I am actually sick. Smart reasoning right? So we checked out the new Kama Lounge (which was great!) and I was home and in bed by 9:30. Then I awoke Thursday to find I couldn't speak. Sweet! This malaise progressed into hacking cough and aches and incredible sinus pain. Happy New Year to me! But I am happy to report it just stayed in "cold" land and didn't progress to bronchitis like it usually does, so it's not so bad.

And here we are today, after a few boxes of tissues and a half box of Nyquil/Dayquil tablets I am feeling mostly better and just have a small lingering cough and an ever present runny nose. C'est tres chic.

Now that my health update is over let's move on to more interesting topics! How about that in a fit of boredom I decided to cut my own bangs and the results are, to be frank, Not Cute.

Is attempting to cut your own bangs ever a good idea? I am going to go with no. I have always had these long sidesweepy faux bangs that I just tuck behind my ear so it started as an attempt to trim those and then I got a little carried away.

I have to say I blame this mostly on the movie I Love You, Man which I just watched and in which most of the actresses have super cute bangs. And I don't know, maybe my cold meds were cracking me out because I thought "I can totally trim my side bangs and it will look just like this!"

Uhh since my hair is wily and super thick as mentioned above, instead my bangs are of reminiscent of the 1980s variety, a la Rose from Don't Tell Mom The Baby Sitter's Dead.


So I will be rolling with the bobby pins and headbands for the next six weeks or so. On a positive note - this whole episode just confirmed my suspicion that 2010 will be the year of the say-something hat.


Mandy said...

I think I have the same illness--my throat hurt SO BAD on Friday night and now (after a night out on Saturday) I have NO voice.

That Kind of Girl said...

oh my gosh, self-trimming is like kind of always a terrible nightmare, but anything that brings one closer to statement hats is A-OK in my book. I friggin' love statement hats. Actually, any look-at-me hair accessories: feather fascinators, headbands, clips -- it's a sartorial goldmine!

Norwego said...

"I'm right on top of that Rose!"

Sarah said...

HAHA man I love that movie.

Tracy said...

The cold is going around here in CA too! Weird. Its so hard not talking.