Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nurse Kevorkian

Well I think it is safe to say I have failed at NaBloPoMo but hey, I gave it the old college try! Things like broken bones and vomiting marathons tend to get in the way of such things.

Things are going ok Chez Broken Leg. I brought Adam home on Saturday and he was in great spirits! We stopped at CVS to pick up his prescriptions (Percoset and Valium, what what) and even stopped by Starbucks for a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato. Is it sad that this is becoming a ritual when one of us breaks a bone? The day you come home you get one of these delicious concoctions from Starbucks. It takes the sting out of a bonecrushing injury, if you ask me!

Anyway Saturday he mostly dozed and Sunday was much of the same. I did my duty as his private nurse: pling him with ginger ale and crackers, dosing out the pain killers ever 3 hours, the Valium every 4 hours, the Extra Strength Tylenol every 6 hours, and an Aspirin once a day.

And also what turned out to be an overdose of laxatives. Oops.

Sunday night he started feeling pretty sick, couldn't really eat dinner. Felt "gross". And that "pretty sick" became "really very sick" from Sunday night and all day Monday. He couldn't keep anything down. Kept telling me how dizzy he felt. And it was weird since the 2 days after his surgery he felt so good. I was perturbed. Had my kickass nursing skills failed?

I went into the bathroom cabinet to re-read the restrictions on his meds to see if there was some kind of bad interaction happening. It was then that I noticed that I had somehow switched my muscle relaxers (from my car accident over the summer) on the bottom shelf with his pain killers on the top shelf.

Oh crap!!!

Can you imagine? If instead of giving him 3 pain killers I gave him 3 muscle relaxers? No wonder he was dizzy!

But no, as it turns out I wasn't quite THAT dumb, as a quick pill count revealed that there was only 1 pill missing from the bottle muscle relaxers and that was the 1 pill I took when they were prescribed. Phew.

Then what is it?

Adam's contention is that I overdosed him with laxatives. As you may know, they usually advise picking up some laxatives after a surgery since pain meds can have an undesired effect, colonically speaking (how is that for a euphemism?). And you may take one or two each day after your surgery. And I took this to mean, lets give him 3 maximum doses over two days and see what happens.

What happens, as it turns out, is violent illness.

Yikes. Not what one wants to go through when one is laid up with a broken leg. A sprint to the bathroom is somewhat hampered by crutches.

TMI? Perhaps. But suffice it to say after a very blue Monday, he is feeling much much better today and the sooner we put my poisoning attempt behind us the better! In the meantime maybe it's better that he doles out his own meds.

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Kat - LA Blogger Gal said...

1) I didn't know you needed laxatives with pain meds (that might explain a lot)

2) I didn't know you could overdose on laxatives and that when/if you did take too many.

The stuff you can learn on the internetz...