Friday, November 06, 2009

Ready to go Again?

There are many things in life worth repeating: weekend trips to a favorite B&B, a cherished recipe, a mistake that is too fun to learn from, a bone breaking hockey accident.

Wait, what?

The call came late last night, as all calls carrying bad news do.

As a rule, Adam calls me after his hockey games, when he is on the highway heading home. I may not always answer as sometimes these calls come quite late on weeknights but I hear the phone and know it means he is on his way home. So last night when the phone rang and startled me from being half asleep I thought "Oh it's Adam on his way home" and turned over to get back to sleep. But my eye caught the clock and the time struck me as odd. 11:20PM. His game started at 10:45PM so there is no way it's over and he is already on the highway. And he never calls me DURING a game. Unless.....

Oh hell no.

As the phone started buzzing again I knew before I even answered. "Whats wrong" I asked immediately. "Don't freak out" he said "But I think I broke my leg. I am on my way to Newton Wellesley Hospital".

And my gut reaction was probably not the response most people would want to hear from their loved ones in a time of need. "Are you F-ing kidding me!?".

Seriously though. Are. You. F-ing. Kidding. Me.

If you are new to this blog you may think "My god what a beast". But if you are not new you will recall two years ago the
EXACT SAME THING HAPPENING . Feet first into the boards during a hockey game, shattered his ankle, snapped his tibia and fibula in one of the worst breaks the surgeon had ever seen which led to weeks in an external fixator and visiting nurses and me getting a crash course in "pin care" and pain management and him being in the worst pain of his life.

Not cute!

This time it was pretty much the same exact thing, hooked by a stick, went feet first into the boards. Only this time he broke his OTHER leg. Same bones as the previous accident, just higher up and luckily not as severe. No accolades from the orthopedists this time for having an impressive injury, which I am thankful for. But still, a broken leg is no one's idea of a good time.

So I spent the day at the hospital with my favorite patient and he was in surprisingly good spirits given his pain and then I read an entire Danielle Steel novel during his surgery and the man now has more titanium in him than the Bionic man. The surgery was a success and there is every indication he can come home tomorrow.

And you know, after the last accident I was very very against Adam returning to hockey. But he was insistent and boys will be boys. I distinctly remember when he was packing up his equipment to hit the rink for his first practice after the shattering of bones I was vocally angry about it. Eventually that anger cooled to tolerance laced with mild hatred. But now? Holy hell. Let's just say when we were in pre-op a nurse remarked "Oh you're a hockey player? My son plays hockey too!" and I turned to her and said "You better break him of that habit NOW! Please! If you want him to be without metal rods and plates in his legs later in life, tell him to find another sport NOW". She giggled like I was kidding.

If only she knew!


Andy said...

Tell my nuh I'll come visit him soon! :-(

Mandy said...

Oh no! And...I can't believe that was two years ago! So, will he keep playing?

M said...

Are you F-ing kidding me! That sucks! Sorry b.

What's with the 10:45 practice though? Was he in a night owl league?

Curly Que said...

I sympathize with you, and your Adam. In the 22 years I have known my husband, I have been the hospital to visit him, or to run him into the emergency room more times than I care to remember.

And now, I am a "Hockey Mom". How did this happen, you may wonder, knowing what I know about males and their injuries?

Well, I have found that if they love it, and they are willing to work and suffer for it, it is really hard to tell them "No" flat out without major resentment, and they do not listen to the subtle "hints" you throw out there no matter how hard you hit them over the head with your subtlety.

Good luck - to you both!

Jenny said...

Oh no!! I'm so glad things aren't as bad as last time and that he's (hopefully) on his way home. And hopefully this gets him to stop playing!

Thinking of you guys!

eileen said...

Wishing Adam a speedy recovery! Oh, and I feel the same way about my friends who ski and snowboard-- they are constantly blowing out their knees and breaking their arms and whatnot and they still can't wait to get back on the slopes, which I think is totally idiotic. But if I were to hurt myself playing soccer, I would definitely want to keep playing after I recovered, so I guess if you really love something, to you, it's worth the risk. Even if it's apparent that you're being a dumbass.

ryssee said...

He needs to stop slamming into the wall feet first. ;-)
I feel for you getting that call. What an awful feeling that must have been. Hope he's still in good spirits and you're all settled in at home together now.

danielle said...

I still can't believe this happened again. Poor Adam! Poor You!! Hope you're both doing well. I will visit soon!!!