Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ain't No Sporty Spice

It is well established that I am not exactly a professional sports fanatic. I mean I am not trying to be all "I don't know nothin' about nothin' about sports? I need a strong man to teach me!" nor do I begrudge others their mania, it's more like, watching hockey is boring to me. I don't find baseball at all entertaining. Football is passable because of the butt factor but other than that, don't really care for it.

Of course I am not saying a night of malternatives and fenway franks with good friends can't be a really good time! Or that sipping Sutter Home from a plastic cup while checking out the Bruins from the nosebleed seats can't take the sting out of a Monday night. Please note that both of these circumstances involve alcohol. But that is neither here nor there.

People sometimes assume, because Adam is such a huge hockey fan, that I am as well. This is REALLY not the case. But I respect his passion for the Bruins and I am happy to send him off to the Fleet Center* weekly with various friends to watch the games and have a good time and hoot and holler et cetera. (Well until recently of course).

But despite my lack of interest, when it comes to the sport, there are pretty basic things that I don't know.

A classic example of my lack of knowledge occurred today in a conversation with a coworker

Him: Are you going to the game tonight?
Me: God no.
Him: Oh right, Adam's leg. Did he manage to sell them
Me: He did!
Him: Oh good it's going to be an awesome game
Me: I know, against the Pirates right?
Him: starts to crack up
Other female coworker: I think that's a baseball team
Me: OHHHH right. Dur. The Penguins then.
Him: No..that was Monday's nights game
Me: Oh well I know it starts with P
Him: Think of something that lives in the rain forest
Me: Parrot?
Him Why would a hockey team be named after parrots?
Me: What else do you expect me to say when you say "starts with P" and "lives in the rain forest"!
Him. Uh, how about the PANTHERS
Me: Panthers don't live in the Rain Forest!
Him: Don't they?
Other female coworker: What about Bagheera?
Me and Him in Unison: OH THE JUNGLE BOOK
Me: You know I don't think the jungle and the rain forest are the same thing.

end scene

What was a casual question, turned into a source of great delight to the coworkers who overheard this exchange. And to me who was psyched that all of us about to be or well into our thirties still recall who Bagheera is!

So maybe I don't know a ton about the NHL, at least I know the Bare Necessities.


eileen said...

awww, love that song!

Rebecca Jill said...

The Florida Panther lives in the Everglades, in which the Florida Panthers are named for, since they're the team from Miami. That's funny she said the rain forest.

I do love "The Jungle Book."

M said...

I'm still mad that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson's kid's middle name is Mowgli!

CT said...

I'm no sports enthusiast myself. Sure prefer Bagheera to the Panthers anytime.

Kaylen said...

omg, this was a great conversation!
Bagheera did not live in the rain forest!!
I LOVE that movie. When my son was little, he had these big plush dolls of Bagheera and Baloo, they went all over with us. I loved them as much as he did.