Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Brain!

I have holiday brain.

Every year around this time of year two things happen: Work gets INSANE and most of my mental energy goes towards that. And what little mental energy I have leftover gets so pre-occupied with the holiday season and parties and cooking and decorating that my brain cannot handle other essential non-holiday and non-work tasks. This is including but not limited to making and remembering plans (Hey why don't I invite you to a party as my guest, then not even go to the party and not tell you I'm not going!), turning the stove off when not using it (Sorry I burned the place down, Adam but I found THE perfect wrapping paper today!)and more recently, not letting my car battery die.

Let me back up: my coworker had texted me Saturday night while I was at dinner, frantic that she forgot the power cord for her laptop and wanted to borrow mine. Sure I said! So she said she would be there first thing in the morning on Sunday. Fine. Happy to help.

I awake bright and early on Sunday (and by bright and early I mean bleary and hungover) and search for the cord. Once located, I begin making tea when my phone buzzes "I'm here", she says.

I make my way downstairs and out back and notice, lo, the trunk of my car is open. Hmmmm. I know I had unloaded our Best Buy purchases last night before coming in so I guess I just didn't close it all the way. Stupid, but it was empty so it's not like anyone could have taken anything. Unless they wanted 3 or 4 windshield fluid bottles that had about a 1/4 cup of the fluid each in them. Whenever I get windshield fluid, I am not able to pour it all in at once so I save the little bit left over in my trunk and think "Next time I will remember to use this when I run out" And I never do and so, yeah. Though that is neither here nor there I suppose.

ANYWAY My coworker saw me close my trunk and said "You should make sure your car will start, having the roof open can kill your battery". Nah it's fine I said, SEE? As I clicked my keyless entry button and the headlights flashed. The battery must be okay because the headlights flashed. Heaven forbid I actually get in my car and turn it on to check.

Cue to this morning, at 6:30AM I am making my way to my car to leave for work and I click the keyless entry button and....nothing. No lights flashing. No click of my car unlocking. Hmmmm. I press it again and again with the futility known by people who think pressing an elevator button will make it come faster. But of course, nothing. Then I manually locked it and put the actual key in the ignition to start it and of course it was DEAD. Of course. Had I bothered to check it yesterday I would have known that and called AAA then and not been late for work.

So the morale of the story is I have holiday brain and am a forgotten appointment away from wearing a tag on my jacket that has my name, address and emergency contact number on it for if I am found wandering the streets.


hope505 said...

Brains..?! I thhought this was gonna be a recipe! *hee!*
The story is much better tho.
* ; )

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Anonymous said...

I did not know that if you left your trunk open that would occur. How dreadful. I'm sure I will experience this at least TWICE in my lifetime.