Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Blog-cation

So if you haven't already noticed, there are tumbleweeds rolling across my blog.

Between being buried by and with work and keeping up with social commitments and general insanity I am going to go ahead say I'm going on a little hiatus.

Don't you hate that word? Sors!

I may pop in from time to time with an "Oh hai" but in general don't expect too much from me until 2010 when I have Big Blog Things in store. Hopefully. If I am able to extricate myself from my Hoarders-esque office.

Don't worry you can still catch me on Twitter (holla at me!) or Facebook (feel free to message me and I will add you as a friend!) or Flickr (I finally have a decent camera phone!) or anything else that only requires a minute's worth of attention here and there.

Happy December!!