Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Monday!

First things first: we have decided to push out our wedding to Spring of 2011, rather than Fall of 2010.

Their are three main reasons for this decision. The most important one is that my parents' Peace Corps interview on Friday went very well and they are basically shoo-ins for the program. While this is fantastic news for them, it also means in likelihood they won't be here next fall, nor would they be able to return for the wedding since for your first 6 months of the assignment you can't travel.

Then there is the fact that, as I am realizing more and more, if we want to have a wedding next fall we basically have to book everything now. Even as it is now the places we have looked at only have 1 or 2 weekends left in the month we want. And I haven't yet found anything that really knocks my socks off. And it would be kind of luxurious to just check places out as I hear about them, really get an idea of what we want to do. I have felt much more relieved since making this decision!

Then there is the tertiary matter of housing. If my parents do leave next summer, we will in all likelihood be moving into their place (Sorry Peter!). This would be incredible since we both love their house and it would be a total money saver. However on the off chance the Peace Corps thing doesn't work out then we are for sure buying a place next year and it will be nice not to have to plan & pay for a wedding the same time we are buying and moving into a house.

Basically my life right now is a choose your own adventure novel, but I'm into it!

Anywho. This weekend was busy but delightful. Friday we toyed with some plans and decided to just stay in and relax. I had gotten maybe 7 hours TOTAL sleep over the past two days and was exhausted. I was asleep by 9:30 PM. Party in the USA!!

Saturday my mom and I went to Littleton for an all day Baby Shower celebration for my cousin Kate. We met at a nail salon in Acton and my aunt Marilyn came by with goodie bags for us all ()(water, granola bars and chocolate - one must keep one's energy up while one is being pampered). It was great to catch up with Kate and my cousins Jen and Dawn who live in Connecticut and who I never get to see! The party them returned to Marilyn's house for scads of inappropriate talk, hilarious baby shower games and loads of Seabreezes. Kate really cleaned up gift wise and it was fun to just hang out and relax with family.

Sunday Adam and I slept in (weird) and then headed out to get
some sushi for lunch. Then visited my cousin Anna in her new pad (2 miles from my place, welcome to the neighborhood!) and then came home for some homemade macaroni and cheese.

Oh yeah and there is the small matter of the fact that
I'm an Avon lady now? Yeah. Stay tuned for more on that this week!


April Elizabeth said...

I just recently moved my wedding up from a peacefully in the future date to a FUCK I have to start planning the wedding yestarday date. Good luck. You can pull it together. 1 year is all you need, although it does seem stressful when you are looking at venues and the people running them ACT like you late and also the dress icne it takes 6-8 months to come in. It seems stressful, like you have no time to do it but you totally do! But youll do fine. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Sarah said...

Good choice. Take your time and try to enjoy the process, as painful as it is sometimes. Weddings are HARRDD!!

Peter said...

That's what you think! maturity isnt my strong suit!

M said...

Your parents are the cutest!

Jenny said...

Congrats on the choice! If you feel much more relaxed, then it's the right decision! :)

Ali K said...

I love your blog!
Excuse me... Both of them. I also tried to email you but my computer hates the email link on blog pages and WILL NOT let me use it (also I suck at computer coaxing). Is there another email I can use, where would I find it? Thanks! Happy Halloween