Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Know This Much Is True: A List

1) I am old. How else does one give oneself a charley horse by merely attempting to exit one's car while carrying one's handbag, laptop, XL regular from Dunks and tray of pumpkin cupcakes (to bribe coworkers with)? Clearly too much going on for this old gal. I am sure my coworkers enjoyed seeing me carefully maneuver out of my car with all this crap and then become stricken and almost fall down in pain. Misfortune is the mother if Hilarity, oui?

2) It may be unromantic of me to say so, but I never claimed to have the "bride gene". Getting married is annoying. I'm sure being married is swell but between caterers and venues and budgets the rigmarole of planning a party for 130+ people? Sweet Jesus! No wonder (smart!) people elope.

3) I went food shopping today and our total for the week, a weeks worth of breakfasts and lunches and dinners? $50.18. This time I really did make the bagger give me a high five. Boo freakin YEAH. Lower cost/lower calorie items on the menu this week include Turkey and Balsamic Onion Quesadillas, Macaroni and Cheese and Tex Mex Taco Salad .

4) I've decided to spice things up and go slightly redder (vis a vis my hair color) and go back to using Aveda Color Depositing Shampoo/Conditioner (which I have had great luck with!) for a little while. By the by if you google "Aveda Color Depositing Shampoo" my blog comes up before the actual Aveda website. So where is my free lifetime supply?

5) Earlier today I tweeted about how our Comcast bill is sucking my will to live and lo! A Comcast rep contacted me and after a short conversation with Nancy in the corporate office I am now paying $120 less a month. While I still think Comcast is a little shady, but I am glad that they pay attention to their customers and attempt to make them a little more happy and a little less poor! And I am happy to have $120 a month more to put towards the aforementioned annoying wedding :-P


April Elizabeth said...

its not unromantic if you think about it wedding planning is unromantic.

It makes you ceaxy - and it should. Its a giant party that taeks a year to plan. you have to fight tooth and nail and stay incredibly organized to do it. Thats not romantic. Weddings arent beautiful and spontaneous and just happen. THEY BLOW TO PLAN. Thats not romantic. (trust me i blog about it almost every day out of frustration) The wedding ondustry has cnjured up this fairytale so we want to do it AND THEN THEY CAUSE ALL THE PROBLEMS (probably so well get a planner) FUCK EM!

DId yo set a date? :-)

Anonymous said...

You said on your last post that you are eating less meat. I am here to tell you, that is great. I am a vegan myself (my husband eats meat!) but people who dont eat meat weigh much less than meat eaters,and our meat is terrible. It is loaded with hormones and antibiotics and the cows and chickens are riddled with cancers from all the bad chemicals pumped into them which then goes into our bodies! I am a midwife here in Boston and I see young girls with breasts at 12! That is why we are such a fat nation too. It is also polluting our environment bc factory farms use 20 million gallons of water a day!!! i could go on and on but you should look into this! Good choice you both made.
And, congrats on the engagement

Bean said...

I think I shall try these turkey quesadillas.

And the Aveda shampoo.

Wedding planning=pain in the ass. But worth it in the end!!

SO GLAD Comcast refunded some money! WAHOO!

Leah said...

$120 LESS a month? Girl, what are you watching? I hope that includes phone and internet.

Sarah said...

Ha I know!! Comcast owns my soul. I just opted out of the phone since we dont use it. But we get every channel, NHL package, DVR and HD service which is why its still a decent amount.

Ang said...

wedding planning is such a roller coaster. one day you're super excited about something, the next day you realize it will never fit into your budget and you give up...for a few days (or weeks). it took me five months to find a venue. hang in there =)

ryssee said...

#1 was probably directly related to shoes. Nothin' to do with age, girl!
#5 Bravo. That never happens, except it did. Nice job!

EFG said...

I feel your pain on the wedding planning. After two months of looking, I finally settled on a location two nights ago. I'm sure you've already started to run into the craziness of, say, parks that will let you gt married outside, but won't let you put up a tent if it rains?!? And you just start to wonder if the whole world is nuts, but you?

But anyway...congrats on the engagement!

Anonymous said...

1. I was lucky my husband planned the whole wedding. He had a schedule that allowed him to make most of the phone calls. I did however pick out my dress =)
2. I hate COMCAST how did you make your bill 120 dollars less?

recovering psycho bride said...

All of the effort we put into planning our wedding really paid off in the end. With one exception: our florist did not deliver what was promised in our written contract. Argh!! Beware of control freak florists! The amount of wedding planning stress was incredible, but in the end it was worth it to have a wedding that reflected us as a couple and one that all of our guests enjoyed. However, if anyone is inclined to elope... DO IT!! ha ha!