Friday, October 09, 2009

Pumpkin Is All Around Me

There is a lot of pumpkin in my life right now.

1) I am drinking a Dunks pumpkin coffee. Sweet jesus have you had one of these? Autumn in a cup!!!

2) Last night I made a pumpkin lasagna. PUMPKIN LASAGNA. I had it in my head that something like that would be good since other pasta and pumpkin dishes are good like pumpkin ravioli and
this recipe so I simply googled "Pumpkin Lasagna" and lo, tons of recipes. I will share with you the one I used in another post with photos over the weekend. I haven't actually baked it yet- as it is for dinner at my cousin's house tonight but it is fully assembled and I expect it will be sinfully delicious as I may have sampled each ingredient before putting it all together. YUM.

3) Last night, after preparing the lasagna, Adam and I went out to celebrate (because he got PROMOTED yesterday!! He has worked really hard for a long time and it is so nice to see him being rewarded and recognized!), and after dinner he browbeat me into going to karaoke. Life is tough. However when we arrived it turned out there WAS no karaoke happening that night so instead I browbeat him into taking me to Stop and Shop and bought the fixings for one of my favorite desserts - Pillsbury Pumpkin Quick Bread + Semisweet Chocolate Chunks. My dear friend
Andy shared this idea with me and it is always a hit. And super easy to boot.DIVINE! I then stayed up way too late baking it and brought it into work today to shared the pumpkin love with my coworkers.

4) In a non pumpkin related story, I have a sorely needed 4 day weekend upon me as of 5PM today. WOOT! Maybe I'll buy a pumpkin for the apartment. BAM! I just made this one pumpkin relevanta fter all.


AmyB said...

Congrats to Adam (and you!) on the promotion! What a great triumph in today's economy. Enjoy all the pumpkins in your like. I LOVE this time of year, in part because of these. YUM.

The Word Slinger Upstairs said...

I tagged you in a meme today!