Thursday, July 02, 2009

Who's on Fourth?

Here I sit, sipping an iced coffee and making my food shopping list for the weekend.

Question of the morning: Why can't I make decent iced coffee at home? I have tried several times and it always just But alas caffeine is caffeine, oui?

My work is closed on Friday for the holiday and since I have Thursdays off anyway, I have a little inadvertent four-day weekend. Woo!

I have an abominable list of errands to run today (glad I saved them all for a day filled with thunderstorms) that include food shopping, a CVS run, stopping at both of our banks, a TJ Maxx pop-in and probably an epic load or two of laundry. Then Adam and I are off to New Hampshire for a long weekend of sipping Margaritas and sunning by the Suncook River.

HA! Or in this case probably drinking wine inside and silently withering away from a Vitamin D deficiency but such is life lately!

My ultimate plan, rain or not, is to grill as much as possible (this is what ponchos are for!). I went hunting yesterday for some new burger recipes to try out and have settled on Food and Wine's Turkey Burger with Smoked Gouda and The Boston Globe's Grilled Cubano Burger.

(img from

We are normally turkey burger eaters in this house anyway but I haven't made them on the grill in forever AND as for the cubano burger? Sounds delicioso. We're also going to hit a fantastic farmer's stand we know of in NH on the way up and buy a ton of veggies to throw on the grill as well.

Basically anything remotely edible is going on the grill this weekend.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth!!

(get the recipe for this drink here)


G in Berlin said...

You need to brew the coffee double strength so that it dilutes as you pour it over ice. That's generally the issue. This is true even though you chill the coffee before icing it.Try it.

Jeannie said...

Look at that drink! So festive!

Dani said...

Brewing double strength is important, but even more important is the bean you choose. Grab a half pound of Starbucks' Gazebo beans and you'll have much better luck! Kenya is also very good when iced if you prefer a bolder taste.

Jenny said...

Happy Belated 4th! I got laid off on Wednesday, so I am still enjoying a super-long weekend. ;)

Hope yours was great!

kat said...

Like others have said, you need to make what's called "coffee essence" or double strength coffee. The key thing, you need to cold-brew it -- mix it with the water and then let it just sit overnight. Strain it the next day and you've got the fixins for some awesome iced coffee for two weeks or so.