Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Virtual Beach Party!

Ok i am 'bout sick of this.

I have a sweater on.

I have my space heater on.

I have goosebumps on my arms because I am still chilly.


We have yet to have one decent beach day (on a weekend at least) and I think in total there have only been a handful or less of days where wearing a sundress or some other summery attire was possible. Even mist on tanning has fallen to the wayside because it has been so muggy and rainy that any kind of mist on tan basically melts off before it gets a chance to "set".

(Wicked hot, I know).

So I am pale and grumpy over here and what's a gal to do? I decided to throw on my swimsuit have a little virtual beach party over here.

So here we are at my favorite beach, Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA


I have with me my trusty tote (a gift from the fabulous Nicole).

I filled it with the must have essentials for a day at the beach:
* A beach read: preferably something thrilling or trashy. In this case it is our Book Club's selection for the month of July

And then since I am no fool, my trusty sunblock: Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray. I know it's not glamorous or a particularly trendy brand BUT it really holds up to repeated dunks in the ocean and the smell reminds me of summer.

And of course those of us that rock wavy-salt induced fro's can not attend a beach gathering without some kind of hair product handy! My go-to is Fructis sleek and shine pomade. Works wonderfully, smells fantastic, and cheap to boot.

And one wants to keep hydrated and because I am a sucker for good marketing/packaging I always throw in a large bottle of good ol' Fiji water

I also throw in some hair elastics (a necessity!), hand lotion (Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime), lip gloss (SPF 15 of course!)and a snack (usually a little bag of almonds).

Ok now let's see, I will need to have a darling beach cover up. I am partial to using Old Navy's sun dresses as coverups because 1) they are cute and transition nicely from the beach to out to lunch and since they are like $15-20 each you can stock up!

And then one wants some kind of footwear that also transitions (NB: I canNOT wear flip flops to the beach. The sand gets in between my toes where the thong is and I hate that feeling). I think a cute silver flat sandal is just more up my alley. I bought a super cute pair at TJ Maxx (shocking) last year and they are my go to beach sandal. I am also eying these because they are gorgeous.

And last but not least, a lush towel to lay out on.

This is a virtual beach party so please allow for and excuse my $500 towel.
Ahhhh now that is exactly what I needed. Now if you will excuse me I have some virtual sun to soak up but please feel free to tell me what you would bring on your virtual beach day. If it involves a pitcher of mojitos, so much the better since I am a bit parched.


eileen said...

oooh I am loving this virtual beach party on a gloomy July day! I'm drinking a virtual piƱa colada as I type...

J said...

I was thinking margaritas but I could do mojitos too!

Rebecca Jill said...

Even though I'm down in North Carolina, I'm totally on board with your virtual beach day.

I grew up on the West Coast of Florida in Tampa, and even though I love it here in the Triangle area of N.C., there are many a day, where it's too far inland for me. So I do get restless.

Though opening a bottle of sunscreen for some odd reason helps -- it's what my sister and I call the scent of "Beach in a Bottle." There's nothing else like it.

And great towel choice for virtual beach day. I love the elephant.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Oooh, I love this and I just might steal it. Like "What's in my Beach Bag That I'm Not Using Right Now Or Possibly Ever."

But, totally agree on the ON sundresses and the sunscreen! love, love love.

Sarah said...

Rebecca I do the same thing with sunscreen. I wish they made sunscreen scented candles :-P

E - go for it! We need even virtual beach posts to boost morale!