Monday, July 06, 2009

In Which My Dreams Are WAY too Literal

Alternative Title: I Watch Way Too Much TV

Yesterday evening, I was watching a Law and Order:CI episode I had DVR'd. You know how if you "info" the episodes, they all have titles? This one was "Fico de Capo" which I later googled the meaning of (nerd) because I didn't know what it meant and it's fun to say. Fico de Capo. Fico de Capo. See?

(I guessed it meant "Son of the Captain" but apparently it's a variety of fig? Show's you how good my Italian is!).

Then later in the night I watched an episode of Top Chef: Masters.

So it is no wonder that last night I had a very epic, vivid dream in which I was disqualified from Top Chef because I did not provide a caponata course. And then I spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out if I could make a caponata out of pickles since that is all I had.

I know some people like to find hidden meaning in dreams.....but mine are alwas so literal it's almost sad. I dream about my teeth falling out why? Because I grind my teeth hardcore at night. I dream about a a thunderstorm why? Because it's thundering super loud outside as I sleep.



Bean said...

The teeth one (I've read) can also mean you've said something recently that you regret....or it really can just be because you grind your teeth. :)

Jill said...

After watching way too much America's Next Top Model yesterday, I fell asleep and had a fabulous dream. I was at 7-11 buying a turkey from Tyra Banks and she wouldn't hand over my bag until I did a FIERCE pose for her! Eventually, she handed over the goods and I awoke, more perplexed than I have ever been!

Princess of the Universe said...

According to Freud- dreaming about teeth/dental work represents sex.
But then again? What didn't represent sex to Freud??

Rebecca Jill said...

Mine usually aren't literal, way crazy things happen in them, but last night's was. I went to sleep with episodes from the end of Season 1 of "Veronica Mars" playing on my DVD, and then Logan Echolls, the character Jason Dohring plays, was in my dream. It was a good dream.

And not that it's a good thing we grind our teeth, but I'm glad to know that someone else out there does grind their teeth. I now know that I'm not alone.