Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pink Shoe in Clam-Diggahs

I wanted to say "Pink Shoe in Shorts" but I am definitely not Shorts ready. My legs are so pale they look like an anatomical model of the human circulatory system. Jealous? All of which is to say here are some tidbits about life lately.

*For one thing, I have a new obsession in world of starch: Sweet Potato Chips that I make myself. You slice a sweet potato VERY thin, fry it up in some olive oil until crisp and then when it's still warm sprinkle Cajun seasoning on it. Wait to cool, and enjoy. SO DELICIOUS. That is lunch right there.

*I also tried Ice Wine for the first time this weekend. Adam brought be a bottle back from his Toronto trip and I was psyched, since I had read much about it. I asked the Twitter world how best to enjoy this sweet libation and the consensus seemed to be with something sweet or some kind of brilliant cheese so I did both and served it with delicious Manchego with a little cherry preserves spread on it. Holy hell was this good. Ice wine is very sweet, and I am not normally a fan of very sweet wine, but served very chilled as a dessert it is really fantastic.

*While on the topic of eating, I have been noticing a weird habit of mine involving food. When I eat in front of people, I cover my mouth when I chew. I knew I used to do it, but I had no idea I was still doing it until my boss and my mother (separately) both pointed it out last week.
I think this habit started when I was in middle school and had braces and was always really self conscious about having food stuck in them. There was one kid in my class who had large chunks of his lunch stuck in his braces every afternoon. It gave me nightmares. And evidently a life long habit that freaks people out. Add to this, as I have related recently, I also have this pretty awesome eye twitch thing going on sometimes and when it's really bad, I kind of try to nonchalantly cover my eye while talking to someone because I don't want to freak them out. Like talking to someone who is using their hand as a pirate patch ISN'T freaky at all. Anyway the point is all I need is some kind of ear problem that I feel the need to self consciously cover and I will have all three of these guys covered.
What what!

* I am not wearing earrings today and as far as I am concerned I may as well not be wearing pants, that's how naked I feel.
* Is it me or are there way more weddings this summer than any recent summer? I have been on the hunt for a dress to wear to these summer weddings but as usual I created a dress in my mind that doesn't exist IRL and now nothing can live up to it. It's a deep cerulean blue, an airy fabric. A banded waist. A flouncy skirt. Non spaghetti straps. I have half a mind to take my idea to the fabric store and then to a seamstress. Do people still do that? I haven't had a custom made dress me since I went to town with some needle and thread on an Altitalia Airlines blanket in 1995.
*Huey Lewis is going to be here June 27th. Who's in? This will be my third time seeing the man and I can't wait!

*Don't forget about the Quincy Tweetup on Thursday night? Even if you're not in Quincy, proper - if you're in the area come on down to the BeachComber at 6:30 for a drink or two! Feel free to email me for deets.


Jenny said...

I was outlet shopping in North Conway, N.H. this weekend and tried on dresses in EVERY store. Finally, I sucked it up and went to Dress Barn, where - BAM! Jackpot. So check out Dress Barn - I feel like they might have something perfect!!

Sarah said...

Really? There is a Dress Barn next to one of my fave TJ Maxx's so I will have to check it out.

pigbook1 said...

dress barn rocks, just make sure you go to "your side" they kind of have the normal(for lack of a better word) and the plus(for lack of a better word) sizes on two different sides of the store and some of the dresses are only available in the sizes of one side or the other, but not both (ask me how I know). There is some overlap though. Yes you still can get stuff tailor made, but it can be ridic expensive depending on the dress/material, etc

Caroline said...

This seems like it might be along the lines of what you are looking for:

It's no longer available on the Ann Taylor website but maybe you could find it on a sale rack in store (that's where I picked it up) or on Ebay. I wore it to two weddings last month (different states/different friend groups) and it was great.

Anonymous said...

I have that dress. I found it at the Banana Republic Outlet. I doubt they have it there anymore. I've worn it twice to weddings here in Florida. I can't find a picture of it either. It's cottony, no banded waist, but it has a woven diamond where the V-neck meets the skirt part. It may be worth a try...I usually find cute dresses there.

Sarah said...

Caroline AGH that is pretty much exactly what I want. I'm so sad its sold out!!!!

Biatch: I do love Banana, esp because they have embraced tall girls with their sizing!

ryssee said...

RE: eye twitch. Water helps. Lots of it. Especially if you like coffee, diet coke, and alcoholic beverages and sometimes don't get enough sleep.
Get the twitch? Lay off the caffeine for a day or two(but not so much that you get a headache) and water up!
Signed: Eye Twitch victim and expert.
Good luck with the dress!

Sarah said...

You are probably right. I never get enough water. I'm like a camel up in this piece.

Jenn M said...

I do the same thing when eating around people and I actually got YELLED at last week for it. One of the women I work with actually pulled my hand away and said "you don't need to keep doing that, STOP!" I stopped eating to finish talking to her and she yelled again telling me to keep eating. It was really stressful and weird!!!

Sarah said...

Good god that would have really stressed me out too!