Thursday, February 19, 2009

Live in Color

I am a big fan of wearing black.

Black wrap dresses. Black tops. Black pants. Love it all for a variety of reasons. Black goes with everything. Black conceals stains thus prolonging the pre-laundry life of the article of clothing (what? I'm a scrub). Black is slimming and flattering.

Black is great!

But sometimes I feel like I hide behind black. I feel out of sorts, I'll just throw this black shiz on and I'll look pulled together and it's fine. Of you know, I could lose a few lbs so I'll wear black and feel skinny. Or I hate everything in my closet today so I'm throwing on this black dress that looks nice. It's all well and good but living your life in monotone is no good, even if that monotone IS such wardrobe staple as the black.

I had this realization at the Talbots Outlet over the weekend (I am all about epiphanies in clothing stores this week!). While trolling for a dress to wear to Eileen's fabulous "Share your VD" Valentines Day Party, I assumed my usual position of traipsing around the store with a black sheath, a black tank dress, and a black lace wrap dress draped over my arm. All fail safe styles in a fail safe color. But then this red dress crawled out from the Sample Rack and hooted at me. "Yoo hoo! Look at me! Aren't I festive?".

I looked at the dress and loved the fabric and cut but the color. BRIGHT RED. I don't feel safe out of my black zone. Would I look like a tomato? How can I rely on this fire engine of a dress? But I figured there was one left and in my size at that so why not.

I tried on the other dresses and sure they looked fine. Wearing a cool black dress always makes me feel fabulous plus it instantly takes of like 10 lbs. What's not to love about that? But the red dress? Was vibrant! And audacious! And FUN! And everything those cool black dresses weren't.

And you know sometimes I feel like I am the fun fire engine red dress in a sea of cool little black I figured why the f not. So I bought it and I wore the hell out of it that night.

And I LOVED it.

So as I sojourn forth on my spring shopping? I'm stepping out the the black shadow. It's time to live in COLOR. If I need something slimming I'll just puff on a cig (ha!).

So this is what I have been keeping in mind over the last few weeks on my shopping excursions and as a result there is a rainbow of newness hanging in my closet.

And it feels FABULOUS.


Suz said...

The dress looked great. I feel like in winter I'm mostly in black but summertime I certainly mix it up a bit more, (as I type this I'm wearing a black dress, tights and flats).

Ladybug's Picnic said...

GORGEOUS. And excuse me but I will need details on these acquisitions. Oh and also, I feel like we need to go shopping together.

Sarah said...

absolutely!! we would have a blast!

Also in my flickr I have notes as to where everything is from - The Nave, TJs and the Talbots Outlet, you know how I roll!

Rebecca Jill said...

I love the dress. You look great!

I bought a red dress at the Ann Taylor Loft outlet at New Year's for only $15, and I would practically wear it every day if I could.

Anonymous said...

I'm one for anything black AND white, so that zebra print is right my alley. I also have an affinity for leopard print, but my boyfriend says I look like a hooker when I wear it. LOL.

Sarah said...

Girl I am right there with you, i LOVE animal prints. I have a leopard trench coat and a leopard dress (I don't wear them together though). When I wear the dress Adam is always like "JEEZ" but I don't care, I love it. :-)

Melissa said...

I am also a HUGE fan of wearing black, but my family and fiancee are SOOOOO sick of it, and it makes me look super pale, so I've been trying to branch our and get more colors! I am loving it! :)

Anonymous said...

Such great colors - I felt the same way whilst perusing the racks at Target last night.

LOVE all the spring clothes!

Jenny said...

Go you! :)

eileen said...

I loved your bright red dress! This fall I invested in jewel more wimpy pastels for this lass.

Jewels said...

hmmm is there a picture of this awesome dress!! OH and I love all the colours of the dresses you have there in the pick! FABULOUS!

Sarah said...

thanks :-) Also you can see a picture of the dress in my flickr stream.

Heidi said...

AMEN sista! I feel the EXACT same way with black clothing. Sounds like you unleashed your inner vixen!!
GRRR... :>)

Fabulously Broke said...

I have pretty much purged all the black in my wardrobe except for 2 dresses, a pair of pants, a suit and a single sweater..