Friday, February 20, 2009

How to Burn Water

No matter your culinary aptitude, there are certain kitching skills I think universally acknowledged to be something everyone can handle.

Boiling water.
Making toast.
Heating up a frozen pizza.

Although after the other night I wouldn’t take any of those for granted. Especially the last one.

This week I have felt un peu under the weather. There is this nasty bug going around my office and the thing with me is I rarely get fall down drag out SICK for a few days but rather I will feel a little sick for a week or two. I can’t tell if this is because I have an awesome immune system or a shitty one but to be honest I would rather be REAL sick for a few days then just feel mildly shittty for 10 days. I mean let’s just get it over with! Anywho so yeah, not feeling my best this week. Which translates to No Way Am I Going Food Shopping or Cooking Anything For Dinner.

And since Adam has had hockey or class every night this week there's not much he could do either.

So this week has been a week of ordering out, taking out and heating up frozen dinners. On Wednesday, this dish was a frozen Freschetta pizza. Now, I am a bit of a frozen pizza aficionado: I have had DiGiorno, Kashi, Stop and Shop brand, California Pizza Kitchen. All have their plus and minuses. I had not had Freschetta before so in the name of trying something new, that’s what I purchased on Wednesday night at the mini-mart on the way home.

When I got home I read the directions: remove plastic wrap and place frozen pizza on cookie sheet in preheated oven (400 degrees). Bake for 17-23 minutes. Remove and let sit for 5 minutes.

Easy enough! So I did exactly that only when I removed the pizza from the oven, after letting it sit, I found it EXTREMELY hard to cut.

WTF? I thought. It’s not burned. Why is it so touch?

Ohhhhh well that would be because I skimmed over the part of the directions that said “remove pizza from cardboard disc and THEN place on cookie sheet in oven”

Cardboard disc!!!!

So yeah, my pizza had baked into and basically enveloped and fused to this cardboard disc and that’s why I couldn’t cut it. But it’s not like we had anything else to eat in the house (well nothing that I was interested in). And I refused to let Adam order us a pizza from across the street. Instead I used a serrated knife to cut mostly crust less chunks from the cardboard mess and served it in bowls.

May I present my new creation? Almost crust less pizza bowls!

Appetizing, oui?

Thankfully we went to the Sam Adams Beer Dinner at Tavolo last night where they make a MEAN pizza. And I don’t just mean they serve it sans cardboard..

click for more pics!

So yeah, hopefully this is the only installment of this series and I don’t come back in a few weeks with how I set my kitchen on fire trying to make toast (which would be really sad since toast is probably one of my favorite foods)


Anonymous said...

I once put some water on to boil to make jello and comepletely forgot about it until I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. Yeah, the pan was empty and the coating was starting to do weird stuff. Sucks that I could possibly have burned the house down, but I think it bothers me more that I screwed up making JELLO. Boiling water shouldn't be that hard.

Vinny said...

Don't feel too bad. You're in good company; I'm pretty well versed in the kitchen area and I've done that too!

J said...

Trader Joe makes some good frozen pizza!

Fattylumpa said...

1. Freschetta is my fave frozen pizza. I recommend the Brick Oven with mushrooms & spinach....or pepperoni, mmmm.

2. WHERE did you get that FAB yellow scarf? I have been OBSESSED with finding one for spring, and yours is perf. As is that awesome purple shirt. It's very purple-y. Not to mention the adorable cut.

Sarah said...

The scarf is from Old's super light and soft! I think i have to order some more colors.

And the shirt is from TJ Maxx :-)

chriz said...

OMG i did that once too AND frozen pizzas are awesome

Fattylumpa said...

SQUEE! THOSE are the very ones I was looking at but wondering how good they would actually be (O.N. is hit-or-miss for me).

Yellow Scarf and its sister Purple Scarf are now on their way to me, along with their cousins Adorable Yellow Enamel Bangles! Hooray, thanks so much!

Sarah said...

Chriz you and I are on the same page.

FL I feel the same way about Old's very hit or miss but my last few purchases from them have been right on the mark!

Melanie said...

Our first year of marriage I made the hubs a frozen pizza once a week the night I had late classes before I jetted out the door. About 2 months into this routine he timidly asked me if I could start taking the pizza off the cardboard before I made it! Whoops! Your story reminded me of this! I had to laugh!

ashley said...

This is the greatest "oops" story I've heard in a loooong time!
The fact that you then ate around the cardboard, totally something I would do. Love it.

Kate said...

If you haven't already, you should really try Red Baron frozen pizza! Their pepperoni and sausage is my favorite!

Also, I am so jealous you live near a Stop & Shop. I haven't stopped missing it since I moved to the Midwest.