Monday, January 19, 2009

Pink Shoe Purse Sale!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the sale! Enjoy your new bags!

In an effort to clean out my closet I decided to sell off my surplus of handbags that I never use. They are all great bags and have served me well in their own way! I hope that they may find good homes among some of you. I decided to list them each for $10 which INCLUDES SHIPPING. And the more the merrier - if you buy two bags they're $9 each including shipping, three bags are $8 each. If you look for some of these bags on eBay you will see it is a crazy deal but I just want them out of my closet and into someone's hands who will actually love and use them.

If you're interested in buying a bag please email me at sarah . stewart @ gmail . com (without the spaces, obv). I accept paypal only, and unfortunately can only ship within the US. These are on a first come first serve basis so before you paypal me please email me and wait for me to email you back and confirm that the bag is still available.

Red Genuine Leather Talbots Bag - $10 (includes shipping)
Really roomy. In great condition and delicious genuine leather.

Dark Red Faux Crocodile Genuine Leather Talbots Clutch -
$10 (includes shipping)
In great condition. Barely used!

Dark Brown Brown Faux Crocodile Genuine Leather Tote
$10 (includes shipping)
Really roomy and cute tote. Always got tons of compliments on it.

Light Blue Snakeskin Talbots Bag with Chain Handles.
$10 (includes shipping)
Also never used! Really cute snakeskin effect!

Lime Green Daniela Moda Handbag - $10 (includes shipping)
Purchased in Rome. Really fun color and long straps.

Winter White Mango Handbag - $10 (includes shipping)
Purchased in Lebanon. A really nice winter white color. In new condition! About 8" wide and 6" tall.

Dark Pink Emilie M. Hobo - $10 (includes shipping)
A fun bag in fab condition with a cute striped interior.

Black and Tan Italian Leather Handbag - $10 (includes shipping)

Brocade Wristlet/Clutch -
$10 (includes shipping)

Purchased at "Turtle" in the South End. Really cute sparkly brocade.

Talbots Leopard Tote - $10 (includes shipping)
The leopard is made of actual cowhide for that "furry" effect and the black leather is genuine. A really fun bag.

Ralph Lauren Canvas and Leather Hobo - $10 (includes shipping)
A steal!! Super cute Lauren bag. Needs a little cleaning but it's canvas so that's easy to do.

Silver Faux Snakeskin Clutch - $10 (includes shipping)
Another fun "going out" bag.


danielle said...

i want this one.
Dark Red Faux Crocodile Genuine Leather Talbots Clutch


Sarah said...

you got it dude

Jennifer said...

Thanks! This was a great idea.

I'm excited to have bags for myself that won't have any diapers/wipes in them. Sad but true.

AnnaB said...

Dark Brown Brown Faux Crocodile Genuine Leather Tote please.

San said...

for some reason, some of the photos are not visible... for example the red one (first), which i might be interested in if i could see it ;)

Me said...

I'll take the christiana and the wrist brocade one if still around.:-)

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I am going to follow suit and list some things myself.....good going!

Editorgirl said...

What a great idea Sarah! I give you credit for parting with them. If only I had the willpower to do the same!

Jenn said...

Wow, I'm an asshole for missing this! My excuse is, I was on vacation. It was even a vacation from the internet. SIGH.