Friday, January 16, 2009

Long Weekends Are My Best Friend

Even though Monday is not an official holiday in my office (it's a floating holiday), I took it off because frankly I have not yet recovered from my week off a few weeks ago and I need to taste the sweet nectar of not working on a weekday yet again. I need my vacay fix!!

In any case, we have a full weekend planned. On a whim we booked a hotel room for tomorrow night in Portland (Maine) and are going to spend the day up there doing some shopping, taking a tour of the Shipyard Brewery, eating at Gritty's and then at night we have tickets to the see the Manchester Monarchs play the Portland Pirates. I won't go on record saying I LOVE hockey...but I do find it the most tolerable (enjoyable?) to watch out of all sports. This may have something to do with always sitting near the wine booth. A few mini bottles of Chardonnay and I can scream "Sieve! Sieve! Sieve!" with the best of them.

Sunday brings us back to Quincy, and back to a LONG awaited season premiere!

I also plan on finishing Wuthering Heights for book club next week. I read it what feels like 20 times in high school and college (I love me a tragic "romance") but it's been so's amazing how much I had forgotten. That's the point of the book club though, to read "classics" we have read back in high school/college. Oh and they have to have a movie version.

Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff? YES PLEASE.

I also plan on starting my short story. I entered NYC Midnight's Short Story Challenge for kicks and have a week to write a less than 2500 word short story. I receive the genre and subject matter via email tonight at midnight. Exciting! I miss creative writing and I look forward to getting useful feedback on my stuff.

Check back here on Monday for the first annual Pink Shoe Purse Sale (I'm selling almost all of my handbags and figured I would give blog world first pass. There are some really cute, barely or never used handbags in the batch and each will be priced at $5 plus shipping. Get psyched)


Jewels said...

ooohhhhh purse sale! WHOOT!

Nicky said...

Oh gurl, you know I'm down for a handbag. Lol. Even though, in reality, I should be selling most of mine as well.

Stacey said...

I am psyched!