Thursday, January 08, 2009

Everyone Loves a Project

I am nothing without a project.

Having some kind of ongoing project, however small, really makes me happy. It might be something like finding the perfect pair of COMFORTABLE but chic black non flats but non high heels (still working on that one) or relining the bathroom cabinet shelves. It's fun to have something to work on when you have a spare moment.

During my week off at the end of December, I resolved that one of my new projects would be to redecorate the living room. Now, we have a pretty neutral palette in there (on purpose). Cream colored wall to wall carpeting, beige furniture, glass coffee and end tables, dark wood accents. A few years ago, inspired by a set of gorgeous Moroccan candles Andy gave me for my birthday, I switched out the green curtains and green and gray colored throw pillows and other assorted green and gray accents and switched in red and orange and yellow accents. It really made a big difference.

They are crappy photos but you get the general idea. It's a nice cohesive theme but I am bored with it. And ready to get a little more bright and a little more (Jenny, brace yourself) modern. Or at least work some more bright and modern elements into the room. If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me raving about my love for mercury silver recently. I love how it looks vintage with a little modern kick to it. I purchased a few accent pieces from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel last week.

I also ordered mercury glass bird from I am on a bird kick lately, I can't lie. I want to see how it looks on the TV console and and depending on that maybe get a few more birds made in different materials (white porcelain, Herend (I WISH)).

I am also switching out the decorative wire plate we have hanging next to the TV now

For this magnificence from West Elm.

And switching or Van Gogh's Sunflowers hanging above the arm chair for a gorgeous framed, antique finish mirror our neighbor gave to us before he moved out.

If I had my way we would also be swapping out one of the other pieces of artwork currently in the living room for this amazing Marimekko wall hanging from CB2 that I have been in love with since they came out with it AND it's now on sale for freaking $25. Adam, however, hates it. Though he said we could hang it if he could also hang his Fenway panorama above the TV. This I cannot allow. So, sorry beautiful Marimekko print. Maybe someone out there reading this will give you a good home.

Now what's left to do is new curtains, a few new throw pillows and new napkins for the end tables (I buy decorative cloth napkins from Crate and Barrel or Pier One and use them to cover the top of our glass end tables). I would also LOVE to find an affordable silver accent table to put near the front door along the lines of this but maybe a little more "cool".

So, what's one of YOUR projects ?


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Looks great! My project right now is to not make our bedroom look like a dorm room. We desperately need a new bedding set and some furniture!

Norwego said...

I like that bird!

My project is losing weight. It is not as much fun as decorating. I would rather be installing shelves in the bathroom.

Sarah said...

Our current project involves taking out ceilings and floors and walls, and then putting them back in... slowly. I live in a block of swiss cheese. When we get to the furniture and accessories stage, I'll be a happy lady.

Jenny said...

Mine is registering! ;)

I looove both wall hangings!

And so funny about the Fenway picture - I helped some friends paint their living room this weekend and the wife & I totally swapped out the husband's Fenway panorama without telling him. Wonder if he noticed!

Caity said...

I am such a guy. All I could think of was, "OOH! Fenway over the TV. GREAT IDEA!"

Anyway, I still have several little projects involving organizing the new place. And there are a few walls that need decoration....

Sarah said...

Haha Caity. I am not a total buzz kill...He can hang all the Fenway/Bruins/WhatHaveYou he wants in the office.

Alisa said...

I am all wrapped up in keeping the children alive. But soon I want to finish the living room. We have the major stuff covered but it needs colorful accents to tie it all together. Oh and after being here almost a year we should probably hang more than 3 pictures on the walls.

Anonymous said...

That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of End Tables.

The M Show said...

I'm going to build one of these:

So I can go do this:

Andy said...

You know who has a Herend collection, right?
My mom bought all those birds in the '90's We have that exact one somewhere. You = Betsy at 28. ;-)

Also can't wait for tonight!

Jewels said...

My project is the ME Project. Needless to say I'm my biggest fan. Seriously, BIGGEST. therefore I'm changing my life around. Eating right, cooking more, exercising at the gym which I pay a monthly fee for ergo saving my heart and my pocketbook all at the same time.

SO not as eventual or fun as decorating!!! Have tonnes of fun.

Oh and I like those birds!

Sky said...

I am right there with you on having to have a project! I completely refinished my kitchen between christmas and new years...
Make sure you post us some "after" photos!