Monday, January 05, 2009

The Complacent Resolutioner

I like to make New Years resolutions. 

I know it's a cliche and you could totally decide to do something different any day of the year not just December 31st. But there is something so crisp and fresh and exhilarating about a new year. Like a shiny new pair of shoes with pristine soles, something within me cries out COME ON! LET'S F THIS UP!

So instead of listing off what I resolved to do, I can sum it up under one title: Be less complacent.

Complacent is good in many ways because if one is complacent one is happy. And I am happy! I have a fantastic family and marvelous friends. I am in a great relationship with a fabulous man who I love and who loves me, and who encourages me to look good and do what I want. I love my apartment. I make enough money to do (for the most part) what I want to do. 

But the not so good side of being complacent comes in if you are like me - the kind of person who  in the past has been prodded to change by unhappiness....and without that motivation I feel like I am kind of....stagnant. 


I know, I'm a hoot and a half and what not but I don't think I am improving myself. I have been at my job for for years and been promoted a few times but have I really challenged myself to be the best I can there? Nope. 

I like to cook and read and travel and assorted other bourgeois pursuits but have I challenged myself to learn something new lately (homemade sushi doesn't count!). Develop a cool hobby. Take an interesting class? No. 

I definitely know I am not the best friend I could be. I constantly laugh it off  when I don't call someone back or when I don't respond to an email "Oh I'm a bad friend haha" but that's no excuse! I should challenge myself to deserve the friends I have.

So that's really what it's about in the '09 over here. Being grateful for what I have but challenging myself to reach even higher.

So......macrame class anyone?


Alisa said...

I am sorry but that is the ugliest handicraft I have seen in a long time. Please not macrame! How about fencing? Think of the fabulous moves.

Sarah said...

WHAT who doesn't love macrame!? It's super cool.

Sarah said...

Great resolution. Mind if I steal it? I think we're both in the same boat. The happy-and-soon-to-be-29 boat. :-)

Nicky said...

I am somehow reminded of Polyester, "I never wanted to use macrame to kill!" Lol. I love John Waters.
I have a list of New Year's resolutions as long as my arm. So far, so good. We'll see how long this lasts. Good luck with your resolution!

hope505 said...

Definitely touch base with your friends more often...sometimes just knowing that someone's thinking of them can really take the SUCK out of a bad day *heehee!*

& I definitely think learning to make your own sushi counts!!

Caity said...

This is a great plan and I will happily join you in being less "stagnant." (Though, seriously, I don't think anyone would ever use that word to describe you!)