Monday, January 14, 2008

Pretty Paper

A couple of weeks ago I was in TJ Maxx (weird) when I came across some "decorative paper" on sale in the home goods section. $3 for some pretty patterned paper that the packaging directed "can be used for decoupage!". Though I am no decoupage-er I knew I would find some use for the paper sooner or later so I bought a package of my favorite pattern.

Later that night in the bathroom I realized the perfect use for this thick, pretty paper.

My circa 1991 bathroom closet shelves and their tacky-as-hell liner! (Please note Adam NEVER throws out cologne. Even if he has had it for ten years. Hence the presence of Drakkar Noir. If only there were some Cool Water in there then my High School Boyfriend Scent Collection would be complete!)


So on Saturday morning I woke up with the energy of someone who has a PROJECT and set to work. First I measured my shelves with a tape measure and lay out the paper on the kitchen floor to cut into the correct size.

Then came the fun task of peeling off the old liner. This was surprisingly easy and for the most part came off in big chunks. It was also a gratifying way to release pent up aggression which I always seem to have in spades.

Luckily, the wood shelves still had a lot of the adhesive from the original liners on so once I peeled the offensive liner off, I just lined up my newly cut liners, pressed and it stuck. I do plan on picking up some spray on adhesive this week to secure it some more but for the time being it is holding beaurifully

Within an hour, I had newly lined, fun looking shelves

Et voila!

This was super easy - you could do it with any thick decorative paper you find and some spray adhesive. I rec commend checking out TJ Maxx or Michaels for some paper to do some lining of your own! The best part of this is if I get sick of this pattern in a few months, I can change it easy-peasy Good for someone like me who an be a little ADD about their home decor.

Next project? Organizing my kitchen counter tops. Stay tuned for that scintillating journey over the next few weeks.


tulipmom said...

Love the improved look! You did a great job. Drakkar Noir ... what a blast from the past. I think my younger broher used to bathe in that stuff.

LooLoo said...

I am back on WW and am cursing you for the above post.

<3 gravy and biscuits

Sarah said...

me too! i just started again last week. this was a recipe from '07 though so it doesnt count. :-P

LooLoo said...

I am having the progresso 0 point soup for lunch.

I'll email you my thoughts.

Sarah said...

I enjoy the soup. However I cant have it more than a few times a week because I get sick of it.

For breakfast I had scrambled egg whites with salsa and a piece of wheat toast.

I'm not sure what lunch will bring but tonight is turkey burgers!

are you doing flex or core?

LooLoo said...

I do flex. I went crazy last week shopping for meatless meatballs etc.

I have a recipe for turkey piccata that is awesome, I'll send it over if you want.

Sarah said...

yes definitely! thanks girl!

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

Your shelves look gorgeous!

I am still doing the WW thing myself (after a gain over Christmas ... not shocking). My favorite thing in the world are the Lean Cuisine panini's. Have you tried these? They are incredibly easy to make and go good with a glass of wine.

Cindy said...

Lovely job! But is that a bottle of Polo??? You've got to stage some sort of intervention. This is looking serious.