Monday, December 22, 2008

The Weekend in +/-

+Remembered to stock up on liquor
- Didn't remember we had no food in the house until Friday at noon, otherwise known as "go time" at local supermarkets the day of a big snow storm. Holla waiting in line 20 minutes for self check out!

+Did a lot of baking (jam thumbprint cookies, beer bread)
- Managed to f*ck up Chicken Schnitzel that night, though I have made it a million times before.

+Watched a ton of House
- Didn’t leave my house yesterday though I had tickets to Black Nativity. Whatup deadbeat!

+ Went out for drinks on Saturday night and found that the more martinis you drink, the less annoying the snow is.
- Hungover on Sunday!

+ Wrapped all of the Christmas gifts.
- Haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet. Eeek!

+ Didn’t have to shovel or scrape my car (Thanks Adam!)
- Had to pull over 3 times on my way to work, on major highways with no breakdown lanes, because my wiper fluid wasn’t coming out (though I had just filled up on Friday) and my windshield was so salty it was opaque. This used to happen all the time a few years ago but I thought my Civic and I had worked through these problems. Evidently not!

+ Found my cute pink winter hat stuffed in the back of my closet.
- Could not find ONE pair of my several pairs of gloves or mittens. May have had socks on my hands this morning.

+ It’s a 2.5 day work week and then I am off work until January 5th!!
+ The esperesso machine at work, which was down last week, is up and running again. Bring on the mocha lattes!

That last two kind of tip the scale from “good” to “oh hell yeah" if you ask me.

What about you?


Jenny said...

What a nice long vaca! Jealous. Have fun! :)

Happy Holidays/Happy New Year!

For me:

+ Boss gave me Friday off
- T was soo late and had so many delays this morning, I basically went to the gym just to shower...

+ Made pizza from scratch last night
+ Saw "Milk"
- Almost took a spill in my work lobby this morning...
+ Josh shoveled my car (those boys rock)

Jill said...

I ADORE House. LOVE him. LOVE the show. And I'm so jealous you're off so long....I only get half of Wednesday through Sunday...

Jewels said...

I stole the +/- idea and applied it to my post, because too much happened and i truely think i'm still hungover. thanks for your inspiring idea!

enjoy your time off!!!