Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sarah With Your Nose So Bright

If this is me,

And for the sake of this blog post, let's say it is. Then allow me to show you wear I am getting a zit.

I didn't even know you could GET zits on that little piece of flesh between your nostrils. What the H gives??
And it's that kind that makes it's presence be known about a week before it's arrival, like an unexpected house guest "Oh hey, whatup I've decided to hang out on your face for the holidays but let me prepare you for it by making the general area where I have decided to bunk hurt like hell for a while before I show up".

I am lucky enough that I hardly ever break out but when I do you best believe it's big, bad Leroy Brown. And at a MOST inopportune time.

But let's be optimistic and look at it in a festive light. If one must have red protuberance on one's nose, I suppose Christmas is the time to have it.


Kimba said...

I like the way you think!

Anonymous said...

Dude! Those hurt. I recently had a sample of Boscia willow bark acne treatment--seriously have never seen a zit disappear so fast. It's a touch expensive, but if you don't need it often, I would definitely say it's worth it.

lisagh said...

Although I sympathize with the arrival of your new little friend, I have to say the illustration is priceless!

Sarah said...

Thanks lisagh! it IS a stunning rendering if I do say so myself.

Jenny said...

Ouch! I hate those types. :(

P&P Fit said...

Whoa those are the worst! And to think 'they' used to tell us zits were only when we were teens...liars!

Rebecca Jill said...

I've have one just on the outside of my lip that will not go away.

Melly said...

THIS is the first time you've ever had one between the nostrils?

Can I hate you now or should I wait?

Mine decided to leave its calling card many, many years ago, just as I was cramming the last few tanning sessions in before Prom.

Yes. Prom.

Be thankful this is just a measly holiday. hehe. Measle. No pun intended. ;)