Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Shopping. Alternative Title: PHEW!

I finished my Christmas shopping last night! And with minimal bodily harm to myself and others.

A mere 4 days ago I had nothing done, but on either end of this quasi-blizzard we experienced over the weekend I managed to start and finish all my shopping. I would like to t hank my manic list making skills and the folks at TJ Maxx, Pier One and Crate and Barrel for all their help in my holiday quest.

And now just in case you are a deadbeat like me who waited for the last minute: here are some gift ideas for the hard to buy for person in your life. Things you can run out and get today or tomorrow.
The Christmas Deadbeat's Last Minute Shopping Guide

For Wine Enthusiasts:

Opening a wine bottle can be tough, especially if you are a bottle or two in. Save the energy of the lovable wino in your life and get them this rechargeable, automatic wine opener that looks sleek and provides 30 effortless wine opening experiences on a single charge.

For Cheese Hogs:
Crate and Barrel's Slate Cheese Board - $12.95 - $24.95

It's surprising how many people who love cheese don't own a cheese board (myself included). Crate and Barrel offers an array of affordable and elegant ones, my favorite of which is the large slate board. The slate keeps cheese on the cool side and the felt backing protects your table. Not to mention the large size is large enough to hold all the brie, manchego, Stilton, triple creme and goat cheese that you can eat.

The Whiskey and Cigars Dude (or Gal):
Glenlivet 12 Year Single Malt Scotch and Highball Glasses - $30 (appx) for the liquor. $5-7 for the glasses.

Some people like scotch, some people WANT to like scotch. You can't deny you feel a little cool sipping a little Glenlivet from a cut glass highball, even if it burns a little going down. The 12 year is tasty and on the more affordable side. I found some extremely cute crystal cut highballs at Pier One for about $3 each and a couple of those, plus a bottle of ol' Glen makes a sophisticated last minute gift.

Girlfriend/Female Coworker You Forgot About:
Gal On The Go Emergency Kit - appx $20
Forgot about one of your gal pals? Get thee to CVS and put together an emergency stash for the gal on the go. Pick up some Band-Aid Blister Block, Safety Pins Clear Nail Polish, Mints, Mini Body Spray, Bobby Pins, Lip Gloss or whatever else you think a girl might need in a pinch, as well as a cute cosmetic case to store it all in. Thanks to you she'll never be caught unawares again!

For Do-Gooders:
A Loan to an Entrepeneur in a Developing Country at - $25
Kiva hooks up people like yourself with people in developing countries trying to start a business to help eliminate poverty. You get to see profiles of hundreds of people in need what project they are trying to get started. You then select your person and your donation amount and get a repayment schedule as well progress reports on the project they are working on . Then when you are fully repaid you can either keep your money or reinvest it in another worthy venture. What a cool way to help others out (and get to really see what you're donation has done)!

For The Hard To Buy For Adult In Your Life:
Gorgeous Soft Throw from TJ Maxx - $24.99

You know of whom I speak. That relative you got in the grab. A family friend of your significant other who will be at the Christmas party. That aunt you don't get to see so much. I think pretty much anyone can get some use out of a nice, soft throw in a neutral color. It's perfect for cuddling up on a cold night. Or draping around you for a loungy day. Or a decorative accent on a chair. TJ Maxx has some absolutely gorgeous ones for around $25.

For the kiddies:
Let's Go To The Movies Gift Basket - appx $30

There are an array of new movies for kids out on DVD this month, so pick up one or two and throw it in a basket with some microwave movie popcorn, some king size candies like Milk Duds and Sour Patch kids and give the younger person in your life a fun night with friends or family in a basket! This would obviously even work for adults depending on the movie you choose.

A few general tips to close with:
- Many stores let you pay over the phone - perfect for last minute shoppers who have missed their window to have something shipped in time. You can call and pay for your items during the day and then just swing by and pick them up after work. This also saves the aggravation of parking since you can just pull up front, throw your hazards on and run in and out in a minute. Not that I do that.
- TJ Maxx & Marshalls are a great resource for last minute gifts. You could grab some gourmet pasta and sauce, a package or candles from their home goods section and package it with a nice bottle of red for a "Night In in a Bag". Gorgeous cashmere scarfs and sweaters for cheap (under $50!). They also stock Yankee candles at steeply discounted prices which are nice stocking stuffers/hostess gifts.
- When in doubt: three things nearly everyone can use. Booze, Scratch Tickets, an gift certificate.


Nicky said...

Love this list, but I can't believed you braved the stores yesterday! I got an SOS text from my parents saying, "Help! We're trapped at the mall!" and they were. Traffic was so insane that they arrived at 1 pm and couldn't get home until 7:15 pm!!! Probably 3 hours of that included sitting IN their car at the mall...not moving. This is why I did ALL my shopping online this year. Lol.

Sarah said...

EEEK that sucks! To preserve my sanity I managed to completely avoid the local mall this year. What I needed at Crate and Barrel (which is AT the mall), I called ahead and ordered and had Adam swing by and pick up (it has it's own entrance so you don't actually have to go IN the mall).

TheatreChick73 said...

Thank you so much for all the great ideas! The Gal On The Go was THE BEST idea ever. I know a few girlies I could do that for. And so affordable too! Thankee :)

Norwego said...

This is a great list! I would also like to recommend:

a Pashmina (or faux pashmina) - all females love this

A box of board games - everyone loves to play games

Merry Xmas!

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for the link to I'd never heard of this organization... it's awesome! What a great gift (so much more interactive than a general "$X has been donated in your name to random charity").

Merry Christmas!!

Holly said...

My brother and sister-in-law have that wine opener and it is "da bomb"! I also loved your suggestions for the "gal on the go" - I have told so many people about Blister block - it's fantastic. I think I'm going to have to go and get one of those throws for myself! Or hint to hubby that it should be under the tree ;-). Congrats on getting everything done!

Laura said...

excellent guide, thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Jill said...

Love the list! I'm going to reference it for other times of the year - birthdays, etc.