Monday, November 03, 2008

Makes Me Feel That Much Closer to Jamie Oliver

When my parents came back from Europe last month, they came armed with incredible stories, gorgeous pictures and a few treats for us kids. All of which served to make me exceedingly jealous but hey, they work hard and deserve to party up in France and Italy if they so choose.

My favorite among the treats was this measuring cup from my Mom.

It gives you the grams for different ingredients like sugar, flour, rice, cocoa - so I can tackle those European recipes I may come across without having to convert from the metric system, perfect for an individual like me who loves cooking and hates math.

I am using this snazzy cup tonight to prepare the pastry cream for an apple tart my mom sent me the recipe for and that I am making in an effort to burn off the pre-election jitters and to serve tomorrow night at our Election Night Open House.

The democratic process makes me crave pastries, what can I say.


April Elizabeth said...

that sounds so yummy.

thank god the democratic process only makes me crave cigarettes. Pastries would be bad for my diet.

Sarah said...

True that! Between Halloween and this election, I am in troubs. Oh well what is the holiday season for if not for gaining weight that you can make a resolution to lose in the New Year?

San said...

Hehe, I have one of those... I just can't convert my German recipes into oz. ;)

Alisa said...

I was thinking I should have baked an apple pie for today. Can't get any more American than that.