Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Really Exciting/Really Scary Day

As a wise man once said

I did not vote this morning because the parking lot an my voting station at 6:40AM was full! I will be going after work when I have more time to drive around and find a spot. I am pumped.

And now a question: If you really don't care either way about an issue - do you think it's better to just pick a side and vote or simply not vote on that particular issue. I mean voting is important...but uninformed voting? Ideally at this point people would have read up on the issues and have an opinion, but I do think it's possible just not to have a strong opinion about something. But people feel compelled to vote anyway (as they should). So I don't know. Hence the question. What do you think?


Nicky said...

When P. Diddy tells you to vote, you know you better get your ass in gear! Lol! PJ and I are about to go do our Voting Day Ritual...this includes going to the polls together and then having breakfast at a really cute cafe nextdoor to our voting station. We make voting delicious. (o; Oh, and it helps that my work is a poll I have the day off. Woot!

Mandy said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with voting on some races and issues and leaving others blank. Especially on obscure state constitutional amendment questions--it seems worse to just blindly pick yes or no than to not pick at all. Happy Election Day--so exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a tough one. Do the machines still count your ballot if you leave certain questions blank?

Personally, I knew how I'd vote on Questions 1-3 today, especially Q1.

Given the particular questions and their implications (here in MA), I think it'd be hard not to be on a specific side.

Sarah said...

Yuo would be surprised. I am finding it easy not to care to much either way about at least 1 ballot question. Maybe 2.

And yes, even if you leave all but 1 blank, your vote will still count.