Sunday, November 02, 2008

Eating Popcorn On a Piano!

QUITE a busy day today. Especially for a Sunday, a day usually reserved for sweatpants, Lifetime and laundry. Accomplishments today included:

1)Busting Danielle out of the hospital. Our girl had to spend Halloween in the ER and the weekend in the hospital because of low platelets. Jenny and I swept into Tufts NEMC this morning with muffins and coffee and fruit and "faux"mosas (Jenny's concoction of orange juice and sparkling orange seltzer) to have a super fun bed-bound brunch. While we were there, we found out Danielle's platelets were back up (wooot!) and so we wasted to time absconding with her back to Braintree.

2) Drinking liquid flame and living to tell about it. After our hospital break-out, we went to Fat Cat for a boozey lunch and Danielle and I both ordered Bloody Maries. When the bartender asked us if we wanted it spicy we said "Sure why not?".

Looks innocuous enough, right? I took one sip and was immediately like CAN A SISTA GET SOME TUMS? I did not realize "spicy" entailed being made with jalapeno infused vodka. Holy hell. I made it two or three sips in before my numb throat and enflamed tongue forced me to ask for a wimpier version. I never claimed to be a spice girl though. If you are into super spicy Maries though, get thee to the Fat Cat. You will be psyched.

2) Watched this video way too many times.

I can't stop. It's a sickness. It's a catchy tune though you have to admit!

4) Then I gave in and went to my parents' house to do a few loads of laundry ( told you, Sundays ARE for laundry) and hang out with this dude.

In any case, Now I am home and had intended to make an apple tart tonight but the sweatpants and couch? They are calling to me. You never know though, after a glass of rose I may get a second wind.


Nicky said...

Hamster eating popcorn on a piano is the cutest freakin' thing I've seen all week. Except for maybe the real-life guinea pigs featured last night on South Park as "monsters" destroying the town. It was so cute, I cried laughing. Enjoy:

Princess Extraordinaire said...

The video is too cute....glad you had a good weekend...

Jenny said...


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