Saturday, November 01, 2008

NaBloPoMo in the House!

Let's kick off this edition of Blog Posting Month with Halloween photos.
Who doesn't love that?

Miserable pumpkin dog. Sorry Bodhi!

O Hai Anne Bolyen!

A shot of brains - 3/4 oz vodka + splash of peach schnapps + shot of Bailey's.

Execution time!

had a lovely party last night which was a good time (she has more photos on her Flickr) I learned that cherry vodka is not half bad and neither are candy corn dipped in hummus for that matter. I also learned that I love the wig I was wearing and wish that unnecessary wigs were more acceptable in everyday life. I might become that person that wears wigs around her apartment for fun. That's not weird, right?

Next thing you know, I'll be sewing skin suits and gazing into the mirror saying "I'd f me".


danielle said...

You and Bodhi look so cute! I hope you had lots of fun. That brain drink looks crazy!!

Randall said...

Great costumes - glad it was fun!

Alisa said...

I think Bodhi is wearing the same costume as Harper. Your costume looked awesome. I'd have to pass on the brains though.

hope505 said...

You look slammin'!!! & o no, having some fake hair in your accessories is not at all unusual here is the 21st century (google pony falls or dread falls *hahaha!*), IMHO..

Stacey said...

No way you're being Anne Boleyn!? I, ma'am, am being your lovely daughter, Queen Elizabeth I of England. ;)

San said...

You look awesome! Sounds like a fun party...

and yeah, happy NaBloPoMo. I am giving it a shot again myself.

April Elizabeth said...

you and your dog looks pretty bad ass. score one for accuracy.

also i hear you on the sword thing. They even have an axe on display in white tower so obviously poeple don't get it.