Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do You Suffer from DIHLS?

I really love this time of year. The holidays and all the parties and festivities that go with them. The Christmas music that will no doubt start playing soon. The delightful decorations. It all just suits me and for the most part, October-November-December is my favorite time of year (except for the soul crushing depression that usually alights January 2 when I realize it's OVER. But at least then I have my birthday to look forward to in 2 months).

In any case despite all the revelry and good feelings about the season, there is one thing I do not care for and that is the absence of light during hours when it's needed most. . My office (despite the Not Jesus light that shines every sunny day around 1PM), is pretty dark. ESPECIALLY in the morning and towards the end of the day - two times when I really need some good old fashioned sunlight to motivate my sluggish ass.

Like today? I drove to work in pitch blackness and since it's not going to be a nice day out, there is this grayish cast about the office. Like everything has been turned down a notch. Who can be motivated by this condition?? I don't quite believe it's Seasonal Affective Disorder because in my experience? Everyone hates it when it's darker out longer so how can it be a "disorder"? Didn't you read "Flowers in the Attic"? We need sunlight to thrive! Or else we make poor hair decisions like so.

Why Cathy? WHY

It's the human condition!

My other coworkers have remarked on it as well and we decided we need something , in this the gray office of our discontent, to combat what I prefer to call Dark-Incuced Hate Life Syndrome (DIHLS as it's known in medical communities. Or, you know my cubicle)

Enter the Zadro Sunlight 365!

From the website "The Zadro Sunlight 365 produces the wavelengths of light to simulate natural sunlight. It can provide some relief to Seasonal Affective Disorder along with other health benefits including a better mood, improved sleep, and more energy. The Zadro Sunlight 365 does all this without damaging UV Rays!"

And it's pretty cute too, if you ask me. And portable. It's like a little ray of sunshine on your desk. I want.

So if you too suffer from Dark Induced Hate Life Syndrome, check this out. Or at the very least go download "Get Happy" by Ella Fitzgerald. You can't listen to it and not be psyched.

Oh and read Flowers in the Attic while you're in it. VC Andrews is a genius. Maybe a little too into incest but a genius nonetheless.


Nicky said...

Although an interesting Sky Mallish cure to S.A.D (Seasonal Affective long do you think it took them to come up with the right medical description that would spell out SAD? Lol.) I really don't think shooting fake sun in my face is going to help combat my grumpiness. Lol.
Anyway...Flowers in the Attic is messed up! If you liked that, you should watch or read The Cement Garden (the book was turned into a movie). OMG.

Norwego said...

Dude. The brother-sister rape scene in Flowers is TRAUMATIC.

roxy said...

Didn't the grandma come in while she was sleeping and cut her hair off? I don't know why but I have that in my memory for why Cathy chose such a 'becoming' hairstyle...

hope505 said...

VC Andrews is still rollin' to the bank...after all these years...dayumm.

And: if the ZADROsunlight 365 isn't available, you can always put a full-spectrum light-bulb in your desk lamp. If you happen to have a desk lamp.
* : )

Sarah said...

sacre bleu Roxy you are so right!! Someone needs to reread her copy of Flowers in the Attic!!!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

My husbadn used to live in Seattle and suffered from that - he is from here ( Orange County, Ca) and was thrown into shock with the time change etc....

Anonymous said...

I hate it too when it is dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home. The whole day is gone.

I really love it when we have snow though. And then it is even nice when it's dark. I often walk my dogs to the stable when we have snow and a full moon. It's awesome to be out then. Everything is shining and glittering.
Sadly we didn’t really have much of snow the last two winters. Let’s see what comes this year. The weather forecast said we will get the first little bit of snow tomorrow. :-)

Since about two years I am kind of suffering from something close to SAD. It's awful.

Anonymous said...

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