Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Open Letter to Newport News, Which I Also Emailed To Them

To Whom it May Concern,

I am extremely disappointed the Newport News website and customer service. I recently purchased a dress on your website and in doing so was unknowingly enrolled in your so called Insider Pass program and as such had to cancel my debit card (a huge hassle to me) since I had no idea where these $14.95 charges were coming from.

I was told, when I called the Insider Pass phone number, that I was enrolled when I received an email from Newport News offering me free shipping on my next purchase and I accepted. I have no recollection of said email, and certainly never received any free shipping, and now I find that this so called free shipping comes at a cost of $14.95 a month which is billed to the card I used to purchase my dress. This is completely ridiculous.

I am sure that Newport News is counting on not everyone being as vigilant about their monthly charges as I am, and I feel sorry for your unlucky customers who will not notice they have been enrolled in this "program" until there are many months of charges to deal with. I plan never to shop on your website again and I will be advising my friends to do the same.



Princess Extraordinaire said...

That's so not cool..I know a lot of retailers try to do things like that and you have to be really dilligent not to fall prey..I have fallen for things once or twice and now I am just a big pessimist when it comes to free anything! I am glad you cuaght it!

Mrs.Preppy said...

Oh no! I just ordered a pair of shoes from them.... I better scan my credit card statement. Their low prices are not worth the hassle of dealing with financial / credit issues. Hopefully they take the high road and resolve your issue.

Nicky said...

Oh no they dinnint! I can't stand when companies sneak charges in, hoping to rack up money from unwitting customers...that is, until you catch on. That's like the "Try it free for 60 days!" stuff where they start charging you if you don't wrestle with customer service to cancel immediately after those 2 months.
Good for you for calling them out.

Jenn said...

The worst part is yeah, you have to watch out for shady free stuff etc., but it sounds like you didn't even get the free thing the enrollment in the stupid program was supposed to come with. Way not cool! I hope you get all your money back.

eileen said...

Wow, that's really shady. You should send this in to They post all sorts of stuff like this.

and I think you should have added a

P.S. Suck it!

at the bottom of your letter.

Kimba Rimba said...

BEEN THERE with them...

Good for you for writing a letter, it's just plain CRAP!

hope505 said...

Newpsie-News can succkkk ittt! I like ordering online but I'm glad you posted this. I will never be ordering from that company...they have a few cute things now and then but after reading this I won't buy from them. Thanks man!