Monday, September 08, 2008

Living with Archie Bunker

Dog sitting for my parents has afforded me the luxury of spending quality time with my brother, Peter. A few things you should know about him:

1) He is really funny
2) He is very smart
3) He is a CONSERVATIVE quasi-republican. He says he is an independent but it's like people who say they are agnostic because they think admitting they are really athiests will offend someone.


I was surprised when he was as pumped to see Bill Clinton's speech during the DNC. I thought I was the only Clintophile in the family but no, Peter boldly admitted deep love for Bill. He was actually shocked that I was surprised at this.

Peter: Who doesn't love Bill Clinton?
Me: Are you kidding? A lot of people. Most of the conservative Republicans that I know.
Peter: Why?
Me: Who knows? Usually I hear because he cheated on his wife?
Peter: Are you kidding? That's half the reason he's the man!

Ah Peter. Nice to see we have some common ground, however we got there!

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