Friday, August 08, 2008

Orange You Glad It's Friday?

The other night I determined it was high time for an appointment at the local nail salon. Since breaking my foot earlier this summer I had not been able to enjoy my usual summer pedicures and so it was high time. And what the heck, why not a manicure while we're at it.

I made my way over to the salon after work and was greeted in the customary way "PICK A COLOR". After perusing their candy colored collection I picked up a pretty pink/coral color and turned it upside down since half of the fun of picking a name colors is the funky color names. This particular label was smudged and unreadable but I could make out a few letters and deduced it was Cajun Shrimp, one of my favorite summer colors! And so we were off.

I'm not going to lie, I feel bad for the nail technician. Going most of the summer without a pedicure, especially for me, creates a harrowing amount of work for a nail tech. I'm going to conjure up this image again and believe me when I say it was pretty close to that.

But what's important is NOW my feet (and hands) look fabulous.

Anyway as I was enjoying the foot bath whirlpool the woman sitting next to me complimented me on the color I had chosen. She asked me what it was and as I casually replied "Cajun Shrimp" the nail technician also replied "Atomic Orange".

Say what?

I looked at the bottle and sure enough it said "Atomic Orange" plain as day. So either the bottles got switched before she did my nails...or I had a brain spasm and picked up the wrong bottle. Or else I misread the words "Cajun Shrimp" to say "Atomic Orange". They're similar enough, right?

A closer look at my nails, even in the dimly lit salon, did indeed confirm that they were kind of orangey but my fingernails were already done and I didn't want to have a clashing color on my toes so I told her just to go ahead with the Atomic Orange.

Then when I left the dimly lit salon, I was confronted with just how orange they are. As orange as a pumpkin on acid. Orange like a setting sun.

Orange like, say, an orange koosh ball and fake goldfish (What, I like to have toys on my desk)

I accidentally got an orange manicure


Weirdly enough, I actually think it's growing on me.


Alisa said...

The great thing about summer is you can get away with fun colors. Live it up before the winter descends and we have to be all conservative again ;)

Caity said...

Cajun Shrimp is my favorite!! It's what I almost always have in the summer (though right now the toes are a 4-week old french pedicure).

Though I have to say that Atomic Orange is really fun...

Me said...


That photo just made me burst out loud...I am CERTAIN your lovely elf like feet weren't that bed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love this story.
I'm sure the orange looks marvelous on you...
However, I must take issue with your definition of the customary nail salon greeting.
It's actually "pick a color HONEY"
Enjoy your nails and toes!

Anonymous said...

Orange is the new black!!

Anonymous said...

What says "summer fun" better than orange? I think it's perfect!

Jewels said...

It's always good to try something new, even though you didn't think you were! Enjoy!

Hannah D. said...

Just came across your blog - you are hilarious! I'm surprised your greeting included the word "a." Mine is usually "PICK COLOR."

And kudos to you on getting a decent shot of the color. I can appreciate how difficult it is to get a good "hand shot." These are the best results I could come up with after about, oh, 50 tries on 15 different settings:

Will definitely continue reading, keep us laughing!

Traci Anne said...

Hot damn, that's bright! But really cute for summer!

Kevin said...

I'm digging the orange. (Boy howdy, yeah!) To me, orange is a "different choice" as far as polish colors go. So you might as well make sure it's noticeable. (But heck! I'm a guy. What the hell do I know?)

However, I'm a wee bit disappointed that you didn't include a pic of your newly pedicured (and apparently tanned) toes.

Miss Mar said...

Love the color :)