Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am kind of deaf.

I mean, not literally. I've done the whole "raise your hand when you hear the beeps" thing. I have so called "normal" hearing. I think it's because in general I am so loud, that from time to time when quieter people speak in normal tones - I can barely hear them. And I am pretty much lost when it comes to whispering. I am the one who, when I whisper, am told I can be heard across the room and I think others should pay me the same courtesy. Because I am pretty much the Nana at the end of the table screaming "WHAT!??...."WAIT...WHAT?".

Or maybe I just hang out with/work with people who mumble (a distinct possibility)

In any case, it's fine.

This of course leads to fun(ny) misinterpretations from time to time. (Such as the I Fist You/I Missed You incident this past weekend) which become infinitely more fun when they happen at work.

Coworker - Hey hot blonde!
Me - Aw what a nice nickname!
Coworker - Are you being sarcastic
Me - No....are you?
Coworker - No, not at all. I just thought you would be pissed.
Me: Why would I be pissed? Because my hair isn't really that blonde?
Coworker: What? ....I said HEY HOPALONG.
Me: Ohhhhhhhh.... Ok yeah then I am kind of pissed!

Of course this pales in comparison to the "I have to take a crap" workplace conversation of a few months ago, but still. Good times!


Britt said...

Hahahaha. I have the "normal" hearing and yet, how come half my conversations are "What did you say??" I'm so the Nana and my husband is afraid I'm going to need a for real hearing aid by age 40. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the only one! Haha. I've had my hearing checked so many times because I'm convinced that I'm going deaf- but maybe your theory is right.. being so loud yourself causes everybody else to seem silent.
I think so! Ha

Karen said...

My husband and I still laugh about the "I have to crap" post. In fact, we were just talking about it last night - seriously! I know he'll get a kick out of this one too.

Sarah said...

Britt and Neurotic - glad i am not the only one!! let's make being hard of hearing the new black.

Karen - My coworker and I still laugh about it too!

Melissa said...

I have normal hearing, but I am "deaf" and loud too!

Jenny said...

I have pretty bad hearing too. I feel bad because I am constantly saying "What? What?" My coworkers must hate me!

And I'm definitely a loud talker too.