Monday, June 30, 2008

The List

Well we (I) made the executive decision not to go to Maine this weekend for really two reasons:

1) The weather report called for clouds and rain - not exactly good beach weather.

2) The List.

I am kind of a List Masochist. I enjoy making and keeping lists but once a list is made it haunts me. I think about what's on the list daily and the more days go by that sh*t isn't taken care of, the more it begins to bug me.

Anyway, The List of which I speak resides on our refrigerator door, on one of those magnetic note pads. It is filled with household items that need to be taken care of that are noted, by me, as they arise. Things like "Buy new blender" , "Need curtains for spare room", "Clean blinds", "New wastebasket for the bathroom". The list had gotten pretty epic over the past few months and I am not exagerating when I say it has weighed heavily on my mind. Every time I walked past the spare room with it's bald windows. Every time I had to use the food processor instead of a blender. It just could not be ignored any longer. Especially since this would be our last free weekend for a while and the thought of living one more day with a bathroom rug that clashes with the new shower curtain was just TOO MUCH TO TAKE!

So Friday was spent in a lowkey manner enlightening our minds through an intellectual cinematic experience (i.e. watching Superbad). Saturday I awoke at 7AM and was wide awake and so went about starting my day. As I was chopping onions to make a Spanish Omelet I decided why not make dinner for that night at the same time since it called for a lot of the same ingredients. Indeed. We then spent a good portion of the afternoon at Curtis Liquors attending a wine tasting (Wines of the Southern Hemisphere) and tackling one of the more important items on The List: Restock Liquor Cabinet

Done and done.

Then it was off to Target to pick up new bathroom accessories and on the way home dropped a bunch of random crap we had been hanging onto off in my parent's basement for storage (another item on The List) . They love when we do that.

That night my friend Andy came over armed with gin and gossip to have dinner with us (good thing I made it at 7AM, right?) and we all spent a lovely night together. How can a night be anything but hilarious when it is started off with the following conversation

Andy: I missed you!
Me: Aw, it's okay I enjoy being fisted
Andy: Uhh...what? I said I missed you.
Me: Ohh I thought you said "I fist you". Like you accidentally punched me or something. I was trying to be nice about it!


Sunday brought with it more getting up ass-early, and more list tackling including but not limited to:

1) Moved the huge arm chair from the spare room into the living room
2) Totally reorganized the spare room (and cleaned out my closet)
3) Got a snazzy new blender (a red one!)
4) Bought and hung new curtains in spare room
5) Cleaned all the blinds
6) Mopped kitchen and bathroom floor
7) Re-potted all the houseplants

And managed to make dinner for last night AND for tonight. I tell you, expending spare energy by making meals in advance is kind of the balls. I highly recommend it. Of course I wish the weather had been better and we had been able to go to Maine . And also of course now being so busy this weekend means I will probably do nothing for the next month.

But at least the bathroom rug matches the shower curtain now!


Heather said...

Wow, you got a lot accomplished! I have a question about the plants - how do you know when it is time to re-pot? I have such a black thumb... I like your idea of making dinner in advance.
Heather at Grace303

Sarah said...

I repot my plants when they seem too big for the pots they are in..and even once they are maintaining their size I still change out their soil at least once a year. I kind of have a black thumb as well but this has worked well for me so far (with plants that are hard to kill at least!)

Norwego said...

omg, I feel the same way about lists! Except, at night, I lay in bed and make mental lists in my mind of all the stuff that needs to get done around the apartment. Perhaps I should physically write it down. I do enjoy checking things off the list.

Anonymous said...

I heart lists but rarely follow through on them, except the grocery list. I did good this weekend, though! I made a list of everything I wanted to accomplish around the house before my friend visits tomorrow and I'm ALMOST done with everything. Fabulous!

Meg said...

You didn't miss a freaking thing. Oh, except for the huge-ass thunderstorm Saturday night and Sunday. And the super-humid air that makes you feel clammy that's been hanging around for two weeks. But am I bitter? Not at all. It's not like summer only lasts six weeks up here. I'm happy to waste two of them sitting inside because the weather's ass.

Done now. Sorry.

Alisa said...

Be careful with that fisting. I didn't know about until I got a pamphlet in college.

Sarah said...

HAHA I am so glad I opened up that page just as some coworkers walked by my desk.

Traci Anne said...

Um, that's a pretty hardcore weekend. I'm thinking you deserve to break into the liquor cabinet!