Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Got Me Runnin' Around in Circles

So all day I have just

I feel a little dizzy. Like my equilibrium is a little off. Experiencing a touch of vertigo, if you will.

So I was in the ladies room attempting to tame the nest that a bird called Genetics has tried to build on my head and when I came out I paused at a coworkers' desk to chat, because why take two minutes to walk back to your desk when you can take ten?

"You look like....something isn't right" she said
"I know! I feel OFF. " I replied.
"Is your foot bothering you?"
"Well yeah but it always does, this is something else"

As I looked down at my feet I paused and suddenly realized why I was feeling so off.

The whole time I have been in the fracture boot I have been wearing a flat as can be FLAT show on my left foot. The boot on my right foot, meanwhile, has a sassy little 1.5 inch platform. SO I have become accustomed to walking kind of stuntedly and over corrected my gait so that walking with almost a 2 inch difference between heels every day doesn't bother me. So that today, when I chose to wear a 2.5 inch shoe in my left foot (hey, a broken bone does not mean a broken sense of style) I am not used to that change of balance and so have been walking, listing to the right, all day long. Which explains the sense of being off.

And why I have been walking in circles all day.

Oh BTW a broken foot is an excellent opportunity to wear any single shoes you may have. Let's say you got grass stains all over one of a pair of fabulous yellow shoes (although what kind of dillhole would do that?) and have not been able to wear them since but never threw them out. Well if the stars align you will have broken the foot that the ruined shoe goes on and will have some kind of boot or cast so that wearing the other, non ruined, shoe of the pair by itself is perfectly acceptable.

Don't you just love when things work out?


Me said...

I KNEW it was the grass shoe!! Brilliant! :)

Mandy said...

I love that yellow shoe. Also, I thought you were going to say you were pregnant.

Sarah said...

Haha Isn't that the plight of women: you say you feel dizzy or nauseous and people's first reactions are usually like OMG ARE YOU PREGS?

No way dudes! Not now - not ANYWHERE NEAR ANYTIME SOON.

Anonymous said...

awesome. you crack me up. i want your positive spirit. prettyplease! :)

Angela said...

Aw, well I'm glad you have found a use again for you lone yellow shoe. It's partner shoe, though, is probably sad.